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The Ingredients For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

Being prepared for work on a kitchen to begin includes choosing and ordering materials before work begins

Today's kitchens are used for much more than just preparing and eating meals. They're also used for entertaining guests, family meetings, homework, hobbies and household duties like paying bills.

While a well-planned layout is a key ingredient to a successful renovation, there are other things that are important to take into consideration in order to ensure a finished product that will meet the your expectations as well as make your family and friends feel comfortable.

When it comes to giving your kitchen a facelift or a major overhaul, preparation is extremely important. 

Experts recommend determining your goals and hiring an architect or designer to help make your vision a reality. Enlisting the help of a contractor is also important, especially as you begin the renovation process. He or she will be able to help you set a budget as well as offer insight on how long the job will take to complete.

It's also important to make decisions on various products and finishes before work begins. According to Watermark and Company, homeowners should make decisions on cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, flooring, appliances, plumbing and paint as soon as possible. This will ensure your materials can be ordered and received without delaying progress on the project. 

"A set of custom cabinets takes about four weeks to get built from the time you put them in production," remodeling expert Gary Henley told BankRate.com. "You can buy off-the-shelf cabinetry, but it probably won't fit the space the way the homeowners want it to fit."

It's also important to make decisions on luxury upgrades, such as which type of kitchen heating you'll use. For instance, if you plan on installing electric floor heating, an electrician will need to do it before the floors are laid. It may also effect your flooring choice, as certain materials offer superior heat conduction to ensure warm floors all year long.

Think about function
You'll probably hear your designer talk about the "work triangle" and "landing zones," concepts that help maximize the efficiency food preparation in a kitchen. However, it's important to also think about how else you'll be using the space. 

If you entertain often, consider a large island. Or, put in a built in desk area to make homework time and catching up on correspondence simple for everyone in the family. 

An eat-in area may also be a must-have for many homeowners as well as potential buyers. Remember, these spaces aren't just used for meals.

Be patient
Patience is an important ingredient for anyone considering a kitchen remodel. While preparation and planning will likely result in your ultimate satisfaction, it will take a while to get there. Just trust in the professionals you have chosen to help you realize your vision and don't sweat the small things.

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