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WarmlyYours Answers Your Mirror Defogger Questions

mirror defogger

The average American takes a shower about every day, and yet most of them haven’t learned how to avoid a steam-free mirror. Sure, you can run the bathroom fan, but your bathroom mirror is still bound to be cloaked in a blanket of steam when you step out of the shower or tub. That is, unless you have a mirror defogger

The biggest benefit of a mirror defogger is that it keeps your mirror clean and clear so that there’s no delay in using it after you bathe. Time is valuable — especially when you’re on a tight schedule. By installing a mirror defogger, you get the convenience of instant mirror usability so that you can get ready for the day on your own terms.

So, why doesn’t everyone use a mirror defogger? Many people do, but we’ve found that those who don’t simply don’t know much about them! That’s why the team at WarmlyYours Radiant Heating is answering the most commonly asked questions about mirror defoggers. After reading these Q&As, we’re sure you’ll be ready to join the steam-free mirror club!

How does a mirror defogger work?

mirror defogger
Mirror defoggers emit gentle heat to
prevent condensation from forming.

When hot water is running for a while, it creates steam, which is simply water in a gaseous state. When this steam comes into contact with a colder surface (i.e. your bathroom mirror), the steam turns back into its liquid state in the form of condensation. By raising the temperature of the mirror to be the same or greater than the ambient temperature in the room, condensation is prevented. That’s essentially what a mirror defogger does. Mirror defoggers work by transmitting gentle heat (104 degrees Fahrenheit) through the back of the mirror to the surface, which prevents moisture from forming during a hot shower or bath.

How do you install a mirror defogger?

Installation should be done by a licensed professional to ensure that all wiring is in accordance with the National Electric Code. With that being said, installation is relatively simple. First, the professional will mark on the wall the location where the lead wires leave the mirror defogger. Next, they will install an electrical junction box in line with the mirror defogger’s lead wires. Then, they’ll run Romex cable from a nearby junction box to the new box. The closest box is typically the one that supplies power to the lighting fixture above the bathroom vanity. By linking these junction boxes, the mirror defogger will turn on automatically when the bathroom lights are turned on. Finally, they will adhere the mirror defogger to the back of the mirror and connect the lead wires to the Romex cable. If any questions arise, WarmlyYours’s technical support team is available to help 24/7 at 800-875-5285.

Are mirror defoggers suited for any mirror shape?

Two sink bathroom with stone pillar
Mirror defoggers can fit mirrors
of different sizes and shapes.

Mirror defoggers are able to fit rectangular, circular or oval mirror shapes. They are available in nine different sizes.

How are mirror defoggers controlled?

Technically, they’re controlled by your bathroom light switch! The mirror defogger is wired to your existing vanity lighting junction box, which means it will turn on and off with the light. No additional controls necessary!

How much does it cost to operate?

Mirror defoggers draw a very minimal amount of energy, resulting in an operation cost of just pennies per month!

For more information about ClearlyYou™ mirror defoggers, visit www.warmlyyours.com or call WarmlyYours at 800-875-5285. To buy a mirror defogger for your bathroom, shop here!

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