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Color Pairs Bring Elegance To Rooms Like Towel Warmers Add To The Bath

Professional decorators often have insight into what colors will have long-lasting appeal in home design. Trends come and go, but some color combinations stand the test of time. From monochromatic design...

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Amenities Like Towel Warmers Or Drapery Take A Bathroom To New Heights

Homeowners are increasingly using furnishings and amenities to turn their bathrooms into spa-like settings or extended areas for dressing. But it's the addition of a sophisticated window treatment that...

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Small Decor Changes Can Lead To A Big Impact In Room Design

Even the smallest decorative change in a room can have an impact. Designers often have tricks of the trade that they rely on again and again to create a focal point or solve a decorating dilemma. Often,...

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Choose Decorating Moves That Make An Impact In A New Condominium

Condominium owners have more in common with homeowners than with apartment dwellers. That becomes apparent when they start making decorating decisions and realize they can do what they want in their new...

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Direction And Outdoor Views Are Issues When Dressing Windows

When homeowners are choosing window coverings, the selection of curtains or blinds is not nearly as important as the direction the windows face or their proximity to streets and other outdoor features....

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