smart home automation with LED lights

Technology is evolving at our fingertips.

Everyday more new and improved gadgets are announced or an electronic device you already have has been upgraded to something better. With the continuous advancement of technology, everywhere we look there is a gadget incorporating intelligence to improve products in our daily lives.

Our home is one place that is no exception. Not only will smarter technology in our home create a more energy efficient environment, it will make it a more enjoyable and interesting living space.

Believe it or not, technology has now taken over your average everyday light bulb and has turned it into a 21st century remote-controlled LED light. LIFX is a light bulb that is not only energy efficient, but also Wi-Fi enabled, so it can be commanded and operated directly from a smartphone. And when we say energy efficient, we mean it. This high-tech light bulb can last up to 25 years.

These light bulbs do not require electricians or inconvenient control boxes. They are simple to use and are also multi-colored. The LIFX can be programmed to gently dim or brighten when you desire and can even act as mood-light visualizers to music.

Refrigerators are becoming smarter too. By using a smart phone with a camera, homeowners can scan a grocery receipt or product bar code and the fridge’s computer will track its own contents and notify you when the milk is about to expire or recommend recipes for your family meals. At CES, LG introduced a voice-controlled smart fridge that allows homeowners to even check their fridge’s contents via a smartphone app.

the latest trends in smart home automation for energy efficiency and convenience

Now, if you are looking for a system that makes your home smarter overall rather than focusing on specific gadgets, then SmartThings is a company you will want to check out.

Imagine a system that senses if the doors are open, the mailbox has been filled with letters, or even when you're getting out of bed in the morning.

SmartThings is all about adding intelligence to your everyday routine and it’s done simply with independent detectors that wirelessly connect to a hub that looks like your wireless net router. The detectors are placed throughout your property and can tell you when your mail has arrived and turn on your coffee machine in the morning. The system will send you electronic alerts and smart plugs to keep you informed about whatever’s happening in your home. Now that’s smart personified.

Automating your home to create a user friendly and more energy efficient environment is much easier than you think. All it takes are a few steps, such as installing a smarter fridge or light bulbs or even an entire system if you want the full 21st century treatment. And, to add extra energy efficiency into your smart home, consider our Smart HomeSet thermostat programming service, where our trained professionals will come and program your floor heating thermostat, matching it with your wake up and bed times and lifestyle schedule, optimizing your heating for added energy and financial savings.

Technology is never going to stop advancing, so why not start now and create a smarter, simpler, more efficient home? It will make your life easier and we could all use a little more of that.

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