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Improving The Aesthetics Of A Small, Cramped Kitchen

As an interior designer, you may eventually come across clients who simply don't know what to do with their kitchen due to a lack of space. While a limited amount of square footage can hinder design...

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5 Radiant Heating Solutions for Every Area of Life

What is the easiest task you can accomplish? Is it doing a push up? Letting your dog out? How about counting to five? For most of us, counting to five is a simple, effortless task. And as long as we’re...

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Outdoor Kitchens for All Seasons with Radiant Heat

In every home you will find that the kitchen is the heart and central nerve of the home. The kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in a house, where family and friends can cook and dine together. So we...

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The Ugliest Kitchen Contest Heats Up with Radiant Warmth

The kitchen is the hub of all activity in the home, and is often the most neglected and under improved room in the whole house. From outdated cabinets to floors that have seen better days, renovation and...

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Cold Floors, Be Gone!

We have officially set out on a quest to learn how we can serve you better! Feedback about our floor heating, comfort products, and services has always been a valued resource to us, and that’s why we...

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