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"Green Flooring Types and Their Compatibility with Radiant Heating"

Green building materials have become an important part of the home design process, as homeowners look for methods to become more sustainable and save money in the long term. Flooring plays an enormous role in the energy-efficiency, aesthetics and eco-friendliness of a home, and oftentimes it will be one of the longest-lasting additions a home remodeler will make. With the rise of Earth-friendly home heating methods like radiant floor heating, it's vital to understand the ins and outs of these green floor coverings and how they will factor into your interior design and the overall layout. Read More

"Upbeat News"

Good news on housing seems like an oxymoron to most people but today brought two examples. The front page of the Wall Street Journal carries a story, “Stunned Buyers Find the Bidding Wars on Back.” Yes, the Journal blames the competition on a supply shortage rather than excessive demand, but if there’s anything likely to make buyers accept higher prices, it’s losing a deal to another buyer. Likewise, if the house down the street sells above the asking price, the next one put on sale will be at a higher asking price. If this spreads it could possibly spark somewhat higher prices. Read More

"Snow Melting System Installed in Concrete Handicap-Accessible Ramp"

At Elmhurst Parking Garage, WarmlyYours was able to collaborate with ABCO Electric to install our heated cable snow melting system for a concrete ADA-approved access ramp. By installing the snow melting system under the concrete of the ramp, those who need the ramp to access the building will be able to with ease, even in icy conditions. Together, WarmlyYours and ABCO Electric were able to bring back the accessibility to the parking garage wheelchair ramp no matter the climate. With the help of ABCO Electric, the installation was completed very swiftly and was operational in no time. Read More

"The Design/Build Remodeler’s 10 Step Plan For Long Term Success"

Are you wanting to remodel your bathroom, but don’t know where to start? There are countless articles, blogs, and so-called experts out there that will tell you many different things. How do you know what to believe? In our research, we discovered 5 bathroom remodeling myths that some homeowners have fallen into believing. We want to share these myths with you, and provide the truth to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Read More


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