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"Radiant Pro Selling: 3 Ways to Sell Radiant Heat in the Summertime"

One of the hardest times to sell heating systems is during the summer...And this is completely understandable. The last thing on someone’s mind is more heat. Due to this mindset, radiant heating can be difficult to sell because everyone is already warm. So how do you sell a heating system when homeowners are focusing on staying cool?Read More

"Kitchen Design Inspirations"

Too often, kitchens only serve utilitarian purposes in homes. They're a place to make quick meals, dump the mail and occasionally have a chat. A kitchen should be the heart of the house, a gathering place for friends, family and neighbors - and the key to that kind of kitchen is finding the right design inspiration. Whether you're in California and want a classic brick-red New England style to your kitchen or an Iowa native with a taste for Tuscany, consider some of these kitchen aesthetic inspirations. Read More

"WarmlyYours Celebrates the 40th World Environment Day"

It all began in 1972 and has since grown into the most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. And on the fifth of June, everyone around the globe participates in World Environment Day. Yet is more than just an annual event. It has launched activities that simultaneously take place all around the world, all year round. World Environment Day was created to address environmental issues and encourage people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development. It actively promotes awareness that communities are greatly influential to changing environmental issues, while advocating partnership, to ensure that everyone around the world can enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. Read More

"Getting Closer to the Sale"

In last week’s posting I talked about the steps that need to be taken in the sales process with a potential client leading up to and including talking about money. Without knowing the potential client’s investment amount, a remodeling company can waste a lot of time planning and estimating just to find out they never had a chance of getting the job. Why? Because the company’s estimated cost did not have a healthy mesh with the potential client’s budget. We all know how painful that is and we want to avoid that. So, now that we have received the investment amount from the potential client what happens next? What do you, the salesperson, do if the amount tendered by the potential client is lower than what you think the project, as you currently understand the scope, might entail regarding cost? Read More


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