IP-EM-GLS-BLK-0600 reviewed by Ian C. of Richmond Hill, ON

Great product for heating rooms

I purchased an 800W panel for heating my basement office, and so far, it has worked as expected. It does take a few minutes to start feeling some warmth, but after that, it is very comfortable. As well, the panel doesn't need to stay on all the time, as the residual heat seems to keep the room warm well after the unit has been shut off. It is nearly silent (you can hear a few quiet "clicks" when the panel turns on/off), and there is no odour at all when in operation. The panel is hot to the touch, but it won't burn your skin if you do accidentally touch it (which was one of my concerns before buying). The reason for only providing 4 stars, rather than 5 stars is the installation process. You have to be extremely accurate with your template, as the mounting holes do not leave much room for error. If they could improve the flexibility of the mount, that would make it perfect.

Item Reviewed:
Ian C. | Richmond Hill, ON
February 15, 2021

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