Customer Reviews for Cold Lead Twin 240V, 14 AWG, 1′

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Would never consider any other product for floor heating

Easy do it yourself product. Simply, carefully follow the instructions. Would never consider any other product for floor heating. It is installed and running as advertised.

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Dave S. | La Crosse, WI
March 21, 2012

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Very nice company

Although I experienced some significant installation problems (my own errors) the product works very nicely when in use. As a rookie, I would never try to put down the tile directly over the mesh. Its just too easy and more protecitve to put down a lite skim coat first. I have a friend looking at your product now and will advise him to do what I didn't do. Your are a very nice company to work with- customer service and quality still yields big dividends. Thanks Terry Garrity

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Terrence G. | Seaside Park, NJ
April 12, 2011

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Most appreciated

It all worked well. Most importantly, the efforts of your staff to help solve the problem were most appreciated. Knowledgable staff/salesmen (not order takers) are where it's at...

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Rick D. | Anchorage, AK
January 20, 2011

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