Stand Attachments (2x) for Plug-in Ember Flex Radiant Panel Heaters

Stand Attachments (2x) for Plug-in Ember Flex Radiant Panel Heaters


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Ember Flex Radiant Panels Description

These 2 secure and low-profile stand attachments will allow you to stand up your plug-in Ember Flex radiant heating panel with the longest dimension horizontal. This is great for offices or for areas where it’s not practical to attach a heating panel to the wall or ceiling.

This accessory is compatible with all Ember Flex radiant panels. It does not work with Ember Glass or Ember Mirror radiant panels.



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How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

Sunrooms can be very cold during the winter months. While a furnace may push some warm air into the room, the large number of windows, exterior walls, and other causes of heat loss in a sunroom will typically keep it from having a comfortable temperature level. Floor heating and radiant panels will add radiant heat, which the human body absorbs faster than other forms of heat, to the room so that it feels warm even at lower temperatures.

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How far from the radiant panel will the heat substantially radiate and where should it be aimed?

Radiant heat travels through air, and typically heats up objects closer to the panel first and then the rest of the room later. Infrared heating from the panel can be easily detected from about 3-4 feet. Ideally, the radiant panel should be aimed onto the area with more use, since that will be the surface that will warm up first.

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How hot is the infrared heating system when in use?

The heater is very hot during use (depending on model, up to 125° C or 257ºF).

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Can an Ember radiant panel be mounted on the ceiling?

Only the 35" x 24" and 47" x 24" Ember Flex radiant panels (IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0500-CW and IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0700-CW) can be mounted from the ceiling and come with all of the necessary hardware to accomplish this.

The 35" x 12" Ember Flex panel and all panels from the Ember Glass and Ember Mirror lines can't be mounted from the ceiling.

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What should I do if my Ember radiant panel won’t heat up?

Verify 120V power at the connection of the panel to the circuit at the junction box in the wall (for hardwired connections), or at the outlet (for plug-in connections). Each Ember heater has a built-in safety switch that turns off the heating element automatically if it overheats. By unplugging or disconnecting the unit and waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes, the safety switch will reset automatically and the unit will be operational again.

If you experience additional issues, please give us a call at 1-800-875-5285.

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Customer Reviews

Ember Flex Radiant Panels achieved an average rating of 5.0 stars with 2 reviews by our customers.

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Best heater

Anonymous, Kitchener, ON on 06/28/2022

Provides long lasting heat without drying out the air. In winter, the windows can stay open longer.

My feet are warm

Marian L., Nelson, BC on 11/28/2021

I purchased the plug in 300W 12x36" panel with stands to go under my office desk. It's a very subtle heat and so not obvious but since installing my feet have not been cold once. I am now considering another panel to go behind me so the room is super toasty warm (it's a northfacing room with a decent window and not near our main source of heat in winter which is a wood stove). I love the quiet unimposing way these panels work. WarmlyYours was very helpful in response to my pre-purchase questions.

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