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I had to return the towel warmer because it did not work properly. I realize it was a refurbished one but it had an electrical issue that was not caught before sending it out as a working product. No hard feelings on my end - just learned a lesson not to buy a refurbished product.

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Mary R. | Hudson, WI
August 08, 2023

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Dry towels

I play a lot of tennis, so sometimes I take multiple showers in one day. My towel would not always be dry by the next shower. Now I use the towel warmer and set the timer for 2 hours. It is perfect! Also, the only place we had to place the towel warmer was a little too narrow for the base. The base legs can be turned on an angle so you can squeeze the towel warmer into a tight spot.

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Rae V. | Park Ridge, IL
September 23, 2022

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Perfect Fit

The Ibiza towel warmer is a perfect fit for our small bathroom. At some point we will remodel and have an installed one but to have a free-standing option that plugs-in is fantastic. We appreciate the auto-shutoff so we don't worry about overheating or fire danger. It is a bit smaller than I thought but if I had measured it, I would have known.

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Ami K. | Santa Barbara, CA
January 04, 2022

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