Customer Reviews for Snow Melt Mat 240V, 3' x 15', 45 sq.ft., 9.4A

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The MAT was very easy to install.


The MAT was very easy to install - the directions were straightforward. My electrician had installed this product in the past, and the customers spoke highly of its efficiency. I can not rate how well it works at my home, as it if far from the weather needed to test it!

August 24, 2018

I'm very pleased with the performance of this system.

IDesign R., Brampton, ON

I'm very pleased with the performance of this system. It keeps the walkways of the patio clear of snow and ice without requiring any intervention on my part. There are a couple of "tricky" aspects to installing it under interlocking bricks. Keeping it flat while adding 1" of screening on top requires something to hold the mesh down due to the wire being fairly thick and having been rolled up in shipping. Changing heights (step downs, stairs) requires planning and access through retaining walls, etc. such that installing the wire may need to be done concurrently to the stone work being done. Last point to consider is that because the heating wires keep the area around them warmer than the rest of the patio there is a differential of frost heaving between the unheated and heated part of the patio. In my case what happened is the ground froze long before any snow or freezing rain fell, so the first time the system came on, the moisture in the lime screening under the pavers melted and this caused a localized drop in the screenings causing the pavers to be left suspended in the air. Two things to mention about what this meant. The pavers were not in direct contact with the heating wires so it appeared that the system wasn't working. to fix this issue, I walked on the heated area and the pavers dropped down to make contact with the screenings and the system then started to work as expected. The dropped pavers (1/8"~3/16") do create a visible line on the patio over the winter but in spring, it evens out again. I say all this not as criticism but rather to inform potential buyers what to expect so there are fewer unwanted surprises. I am extremely happy with the system and resulting clear paths that allow easy access to the BBQ, spa and bird feeders in the winter. Highly recommend the "practical indulgence" of installing a system like this.

May 22, 2018

The talk of the neighborhood

Scott S., Loveland, CO

Loveland, Colorado - Feb 2017 After several good snow storms - as much as 10-inches - we have the following observations; 1. The auto sensors work great - the mats turn on and are working as the snow falls eliminating build up. 2. We made some max temp adjustments and have settled on 60-degrees F. 3. Blowing snow is tricky - you have to manually run the system since the moisture sensor on the eaves does not "see" falling snow and the heat does not turn on automatically. Not a huge issue but if ignored the blowing snow can build up to quite a depth making he system work very hard to melt it. 4. The edges of the walk do not get warm enough to melt - the "clear area" is pretty much the limit of the mat. We have a pretty good mass of concrete but it does not warm enough to melt either edge - about 2-inches on each side. 5. It has been the talk of the neighborhood - everyone nosing around to see the installation and asking how it works. It definitely has eliminated the frozen spot at the front of our porch and had given peace of mind we won't have someone take a terrible spill on the ice. Thanks very much for that!

February 01, 2017

Works like a charm!

Todd G., Mount Prospect, IL

The product works like a charm! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a heated walkway.

January 05, 2017

Excellent quality product.

KM, Glenwood Springs, CO

Excellent quality product. Installed for patio door threshold last summer. Used it a couple times last winter to make sure it worked, it did. I still shovel the stoop and the rest of the concrete, need the exercise anyway. But the heater is there if needed.

April 24, 2016

Installation was a snap

Mike C., Fort Scott, KS

We had the strangest winter in years here in Fort Scott, Kansas. We didn't have any weather this season which would have initiated the WarmlyYours Heating Mats. Please check with me about this time next year and maybe I will have an experience worth rating. I had a great experience with the Ordering and Delivery of your products and am anxious to see how the system works. Installation was a snap as advertised.

April 18, 2016

Functioned flawlessly

Chrissie P., Coloma, MI

Functioned flawlessly and best of all never shoveled this winter.

April 16, 2016

Worked perfectly through two winters!

Thomas F., Saint Charles, IL

I used this mat by placing it between two rubber door mats and placing in on top of the sidewalk by my main entry door. So far it has worked perfectly through two winters!

April 16, 2016

Great, easy to use product

Todd B., Auburn, ME

The mat was an easy install under pavers. The walkway was on North side of home and doesn't see much sun during the winter and was tough to keep clear without excessive salt. We set the walkway on a timer which works excellent when we need it. Thank you for a great, easy to use product!

April 16, 2016


Cesar S., Novi, MI


December 18, 2013

System works great! My biggest complaint is that there is not

Mike B., Golden, CO

System works great! My biggest complaint is that there is not an indicator light on the panel that shows when it is operating. I would feel much better if I knew that the system was not wasting energy due to a faulty temperature/moisture sensor.

December 02, 2013

I am so glad I bought the driveway heated mats. They worked


I am so glad I bought the driveway heated mats. They worked great all winter. I couldn't be happier. Well worth the investment.

March 14, 2011

I love my heated driveway mats!!!!! They work so easily -aut


I love my heated driveway mats!!!!! They work so easily -auto on/off. The electrician had no problem with his part of the installation. I highly recommend the product. The purchase was easy too. The availability of the tech team 24/7 was a big help! I'm telling all my friends to get them when they install a new concrete driveway!

January 19, 2011