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This towel heater works and looks great.

This towel heater works and looks great. I did have one towel warmer burn out after 1 1/4 years, but WarmlyYours replaced it with no fuss (they even paid return shipping). If permanently mounting, take extra care to measure carefully. There are 4 mounting points, one being the electrical. Use the template and all will be fine if you are careful. I also strongly suggest using at least one wall stud as recommended for strength. Only suggestion would be to increase the distance from the wall to make getting towels down the back easier. We double fold the towels their long dimension and get two large ones on. My wife also uses this rack for drying her finer clothes. 4 rating is only due to the first unit failing. If there was a grade for service, I would give a 5 rating.

Curry Associates, Centreville, VA
Sep 04, 2013

What a wonderful luxury in our newly remodeled bathroom!

What a wonderful luxury in our newly remodeled bathroom! With the programmable timer it is so easy to wake up to warm and cozy bath towels waiting for us. It can also be controlled manually. Our electrician was very impressed with this product. It only uses as much power as a lightbulb and the controls fit easily within the same electrical outlet as the light switch, making it a very compact and unnoticeable unit. I also like that it is far enough from the wall making it easy to slip your towels over the rails. The installation was simple. The brushed nickel finish goes perfectly with our new faucets. All in all, this is a great product I would recommend. Excellent customer service and prompt delivery!

Linda J Bailey, Blue Ridge, VA
Aug 24, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for the kind review! We're so glad you're happy with it! Enjoy you're new warm towels!

Tom L, Barrington, RI
Aug 21, 2013

Janice & Steve Andrews, St-Sauveur, Quebec
Jun 28, 2013

Convenience came to mind

When the client told me that he wants to remodel his master bathroom in the contemporary style, one of the initial conveniences came in mind was warm floor and then towel warmer. And from my past experience with WarmlyYours, I googled WarmlyYours for the contact and the process of procurement started. The project completed a week back. When I visited the client today, the towel warmer was off, and there was a troubleshooting question ready. Apparently, the client is in learning mode. She could not turn it on using the indented switch, because the switch has spring action and needs a little extra force to turn off or on. While the product is a real convenient, the documentation is not exactly user friendly (specifically, for a homeowner). The installing contractor, does not think it's his duty to explain the homeowner, how to use the warmer. In my opinion, the user setup should be one pager in somewhat animated form as well as a detailed (slow presentation) You Tube video presentation.

Ashwani Thapar, Fremont, CA
Jun 04, 2013

Ramie Blatt, Boulder, CO
Mar 19, 2013

Beautiful addition to my bathroom. Great quality and excellen

Beautiful addition to my bathroom. Great quality and excellent value. Absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced with ANY product. THANKS MARK! My only complaint is the "timer". I would like one that came on at a specified time like the one that comes with the towel warmer but I would also LOVE an option to put it back on for an hour (or whatever). I often take a shower later in the day and then turn on the towel rack to dry the towel.... and forget to turn it off. We have high electric rates and can't just leave it on all day. In any case, I love it.

Debra Rausch, Falmouth, MA
Mar 11, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thanks for your review Debra! We're glad you're happy and love when our customers give us feedback and suggestions! We'll tell our product team about your idea. Have a good day!

Nothing feels more luxurious than a hot towel when coming out

Nothing feels more luxurious than a hot towel when coming out of the shower or bath. Warmly yours towel warmers do the job. Easy to install, easier to work; an excellent appliance.

David Weeks, Morristown, NJ
Mar 02, 2013

I love my towel warmer!!! What a wonderful luxury I have neve

I love my towel warmer!!! What a wonderful luxury I have never had before. It's so nice to have a warm towel when you get out of the shower on cold mornings. Thank you!!

Jane Fitzgerald, Monument, CO
Dec 17, 2012

WarmlyYours Responds
We're so happy you love it! Thanks for the review and have a great day Jane!

great product my wife loves it looks great in the bathroo

great product my wife loves it looks great in the bathroom/we spent alot on the bath tile etc and this really gives it a nice finish

Michael Siminovitch, Woodland, CA
Aug 30, 2012