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Infinity Towel Warmers have achieved an average rating of 5 stars having been reviewed 29 times by our customers.

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Works great and looks great!

This towel warmer works great and looks great. I use it both for warming towels and for drying towels. The only thing I wish I could change about it is the 'on' indicator light is at the bottom of the unit and it would be easier to see if it was at the top of the unit.

Kristina, Lakewood, CA
Jul 07, 2011

WarmlyYours Responds
We're glad you're happy with it! We'll take that suggestion to the product developers. Thanks!

We Just Love The Towel Warmer

We just love the towel warmer. Ours is hardwired and we simply use the on/off switch. The technical client service is also excellent. Would recommend this product anytime.

Jean Charles Hudon, OTTAWA, ON
Jun 07, 2011

No Complains

unit looks and operates good no complains

Rick Gould, Blaine, WA
Mar 14, 2011

I Really Like This Towel Warmer

I really like this towel warmer. It is really great to get out of the shower to a hot towel and to a towel never more smelling of mildew. The timer is easy to set up, and bypass if I get "out of sync" with when the towel warmer timer normally turns it on. I will offer that the installation instructions are ok but could be greatly improved for the novice installer. It worked fine for me, but I studied the whole thing and the warmer a long time before I started. There are limited "degrees of freedom" in the adjustment range you have when you connect it to the electrical box. Therefore, the placement of the box controls everything else. I temporarily mounted the warmer to the box with the plate and grommet installed on the warmer, then with a level I held it to the wall, plumbed it, then marked the locations where the four standoffs hit the wall. Then I removed the warmer from the box, then installed the anchors for the four standoffs. I suggsst that this kind of installation tip should be added to your installation instructions. It might help with customer satisfaction.

Gene Strid, Anchorage, AK
Mar 02, 2011

Towels Heat Evenly, So Worth the Money

I have owned alot of cheap towel warmers before and none heated evenly like this one does. It looks so elegant looking and goes with any decor in the bathroom. Setup was so easy and had it up on the wall in no time. The only thing I didn't like is no instructions of how long to heat up for so I wouldn't cook my towels but its all good about a hour and they were toasty warm right out of the shower. These are so worth the money and the company is so nice to work with.

Danyale N, Warsaw, NC
Dec 27, 2010

Infinity is the Cure for Musty Smelling Towels

Heats up quickly, programable timer is great, saves on the musty smell of the towels. This is the second towel warmer i have owned and by far the best.

Ken, Riverside, CT
Aug 15, 2010

Great Addition to our Bathroom. We love it!

I contacted warmly yours when we were renovating our ensuite bathroom..They were so helpful. We wanted it to be like the many european bathrooms we have seen The towel warmer is fantastic. At first, we set the thermostat to come on at certain times of the day, but as our schedules are not static, we decided to use the manual feature. My husband turns it on when he gets up in the morning, as he has to be to work before me. When I have my shower 1/2 hr later, my towel is nice and warm.....and then I turn it off. Great addition to our bathroom and we love it.

Debbie Kafford, Sarnia, ON
Jul 25, 2010

Easy installation

I choose the hard wired option and it was fairly easy to install if you are comfortable running wire and installing outlets. Mine was a retrofit, so it was a little challenging getting the wiring there. It also has a timer that can schedule turning on/off. My only criticism would be that it has no back-light and can be difficult to read (at least for me at 45). Looks great, works well. Are there preferred towels to use with this product to retain heat longer?

Alan Herring, Calgary, AB
Apr 14, 2010

Meets expectations, excellent job at warming towels

The towel warmer has met our expectations and does an excellent job of warming and drying our towels. My only criticism would be that we would have benefited from more practical information with the warmer, such as ideal number of towels, configuration of towels, number of hours of use in a day reasonable with the unit, etc.

Randi Tracy, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 14, 2010