TempZone Easy Mats: Electric Floor Heating for Tile, Stone and Nailed Hardwood

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A little unsure

This was the only thing that made me a little unsure if all was well. I did my ohm readings and hooked up the circuit check, but because they seem so flimsy and me being new to the WarmlyYours I had to just trust that all was well. I did disconnect to hear the sound, but somehow it would be nice to have a more robust unit that I could purchase at the beginning of my installation projects (one time)that would put my unease to rest.

James S MacLean, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Apr 15, 2010

Circuit check

I use the circuit check, but I also check frequently with a multimeter. My hearing is not that great, so I don't always hear it. A flashing light would be nice.

Bill Tomko, NAZARETH, PA
Apr 14, 2010

A litte hard to figure out but works great

I had a little difficulty using it, but once I figured it out. It was a great tool to make sure my installation was fully functional before I set the tile....Great Product

Shawn Roberts, Munster, IN
Apr 14, 2010

gives us piece of mind. great idea.

gives us piece of mind. great idea.

Apr 14, 2010

Quick response time, follow-up and shipping

As always your response time and follow up along with quick shipping are commendable. Thanks to Dan R. for being so curtious. Thanks, Mark Edenburn

Mark Edenburn, Belleville, MI
Apr 14, 2010

Circuit check worked fine

Circuit check worked fine. I found it reletively easy to hot glue the mat down as well as a few "free-form" areas. I buried the heat mat using one coat of mortar and "orange waffle" poly tile seperation mat (by others). The heat cable is pretty tuff so I thought it was pretty easy to cover with mortar w/o damaging it.

Apr 13, 2010

circuit check made it real easy

circuit check made it real easy to ensure you didn't have problems with the wiring before you layed the tile ... and again after all remodeling was complete to make sure I didn't jiggle the wiring in the box.

Michael Smith, TULSA, OK
Apr 05, 2010

Batteries have limited life

Once I learned that the batteries in the circuit checker had a very limited life I realized I should not have left it on during complete install. Better to just stop and test along the way. Got a false reading at end. I realize a better checker is avail but more money. Maybe bold print instructions about battery life or some such.

David Hutchings, Gold Hill, OR
Apr 05, 2010

Circuit check and ohm meter

I ordered the honeywell circuit check and opted to use an ohm meter instead.

Linda S Hempel, Eagan, MN
Apr 04, 2010

WarmlyYours Responds
Thanks for the feedback. You should use both circuit check and ohm meter. The circuit check controls the system at all time during the installation. The ohm meter is a more precise check done only 2-3 times during the install.

Very easy to use device that gave me a sense of security

Was a very easy to use device that gave me the sense of security when installing the floor.

Mark Sweet, Fort Payne, AL
Apr 03, 2010