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Gas and Electric Bills Reduced with Radiant Electric Floor Heating

You may remember our September 2011 "Share Your Story" Winner, Noelle Norfolk, who installed our Environ II™ floor heating mat in their cold two-story vaulted family room in Greer, South Carolina. And, who can forget that expensive gas (heating) bill their first month living in the home - PRIOR to adding electric radiant floor heating?

After a winter of a cold first floor and a too-hot second floor, wearing sweatpants, sweaters, and using sub-par space heaters to supplement the loss of heat on the first floor, they tried WarmlyYours radiant floor heating. Now, the Norfolk family has been enjoying a regulated temperature throughout their entire home (upstairs and downstairs), and the energy and cost benefits of electric radiant heating, cutting their gas bill in half in one year’s time (from $191.17 to $95.51).

Read further for an update from our friend, Noelle!

Dear WarmlyYours,

I thought you would like to know that I just got our gas bill comparing last year's January 2011 bill to this year's January 2012 bill - and it did in fact go down! 163 therms (units of heat) versus 90! And our electric bill went down as well! Last year's January 2011 KWH usage was 1800 and this year's (2012) was 1170.

It's definitely made me very happy. Amazingly, our electric bill is also lower than when we were using space heaters! (And I currently have my lay-flat-to-dry clothes lying on the living room floor, because it's too cold for them to dry anywhere else in the house!)


Noelle R. Norfolk

Here is a visual comparison of the Norfolk’s gas bill from last year, 2011, to this year, 2012:

energy efficiency with electric radiant floor heating

That’s pretty impressive, right?

You see, that’s the beauty of electric radiant heating. You save all around – on your gas/heating bill, and electricity bill. With the combined energy efficiency and the use of a programmable thermostat, not only do you set a thermostat like our SmartStat to your daily routine, but also, our products are designed to be efficient, so that you can get the most for your investment. Floor heating in a large family room, like the Norfolk’s, can operate on pennies a day, approximately $0.65 per day.

Refresh your memory and take a look at Noelle Norfolk's story one more time.

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