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The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is a wonderful technology with so many uses -- but how can it possibly connect with Feng Shui? And what is Feng Shui, anyway? Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the art and science of...

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Heated Floors for Any Room

Luxurious comfort is not just for the bathroom anymore. While the bathroom is one of the primary rooms of the house WarmlyYours customers choose to heat, our electric floor heating systems can be custom made...

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Project "Kitchen Installation"

When my husband Greg, who works as a Sales Manager for WarmlyYours, told me he wanted to install new tile and radiant floor heating in our kitchen, I was both excited and a bit concerned. My concern was not...

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Is Floor Heating Really Easy to Install?

I’ve blogged about our kitchen remodel a few times recently, so to sum it up quickly, we installed new cabinets, appliances, flooring, and electric radiant heating. Everything has been installed, and the...

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Kitchen Remodeling 101

Remodeling a kitchen is a serious undertaking and should not be taken lightly. Everyone warned me about this beforehand, but I just knew that it was going to be easy. I had a plan, right? It turns out...

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