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Radiant Heating is not Just for Inside Your Home

Snow dusting on home driveway

When you think of radiant heating, you probably think of warm floors underfoot or ceiling or wall panels that bring energy efficient comfort into your rooms. But there are plenty of ways that radiant heating can add to your enjoyment of your outdoor living space, saving your money and improving your quality of life.

House with paver patio and radiant heating

Radiant heat can be used to make a dramatic change to a patio, as well as your walkways or driveway. Imagine being able to gear up to walk your dog on a winter night without having to worry about ice or snow on your walkway. When a radiant heating system is installed under a driveway, it can eliminate the need for salting, shoveling, or paying a service to come and keep the driveway safe and clear. While these systems won't provide comfort heating (so January cookouts in shorts will still be tough), the melting of snow and ice can mean a significant increase in the usability of your outdoor surfaces all year long. 

The best time to consider radiant heating for your outdoor living space is while it is under construction, so whether you are building a new home or contemplating the demolition of a dated, time-worn driveway for replacement with something that’s updated and more relevant to your lifestyle today, now’s the time to investigate.  

Costs of Radiant Snow Melting Systems

Though you may assume this type of project is expensive, a quick investigation reveals that heating a standard 3-foot wide walkway a length of 15 feet can cost as little as $385 USD for the heating elements. Compare that to the time and expense involved with shoveling (whether you’re doing it yourself or paying somebody else), as well as the potential costs of a liability lawsuit if somebody slips and falls on your icy driveway/walkway.  If you’re considering a radiant heating system for your driveway, snow melting mats are probably a smarter way to go, as they are both easier and faster to install and more appropriate for a large area. They are slightly higher in cost than the more labor-intensive snow melting cables.

Check out this quick install video using electric snow melting mats.

Improve Your Outdoor Space with Radiant Heating Products

As lifestyles change and people become more interested in spending time with family and friends, outdoor areas that were once utilized for nothing but backyard swings are being expanded into extensions of living rooms and kitchens. By installing radiant heating on a backyard patio, you are able to get more out of your investment in these outdoor spaces by keeping outdoor flooring from being damaged by ice and snow. With the right kind of insulated windows, radiant heating panels can add months more use to multi-season rooms efficiently and effectively.

For more information on how to use radiant heat in your outdoor space, contact us today to learn about all the available options, their installation requirements and costs.

Paver Driveway with electric radiant Snow Melt System

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