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  • Generous 8-Bar Design: The Sierra towel warmer uses 8 polished stainless steel bars to evenly distribute heat, warming up to 2 large towels or bathrobes

  • Dual Connection: The wall-mounted Sierra can be used as is for a plug-in connection or the cord can be modified by a licensed electrician for a hardwired connection (120 VAC)

  • Overheat Protection: To prevent the unit’s surface temperature from exceeding 167°F (75°C) this model comes with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection

  • No Cover Plate Required: Because this unit doesn't require a gang-box or corresponding cover plate, it has a very streamlined and balanced appearance after installation

  • Easy to Clean: The straight bars are made of durable stainless steel construction which is easy to keep clean


A towel warmer is more than just a simple appliance—it’s an instant upgrade to your morning routine! When a warm towel is waiting for you after your shower or bath, it makes it that much easier to start your day off right. The Sierra towel warmer provides this additional touch of luxury while also presenting itself as a stylish design element in any room. With a modern, geometric design, it is ideal for bathrooms with a sleek, contemporary look. The Sierra’s eight square bars perfectly accommodate two bath towels or a bathrobe to help keep them warm or dry between uses. The Sierra is available with a range of finishes. 

This towel warmer is also dual connection which means that it can be used “as is” to plug into a standard 120 VAC outlet or it can be modified by a licensed electrician to have a hardwired 120 VAC electrical connection. When this towel warmer is installed with a hardwired electrical connection, there is no unattractive and cumbersome cover plate required because of its unique design. The Sierra is safe and is cETLus listed. It comes with an LED power switch and TempSmart™ overheat protection to prevent the unit’s surface temperature from exceeding 167°F (75°C). For peace of mind, the Sierra is covered by our 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional towel warmer controls sold separately.


  • Dimensions: 23.6" (600 mm) W x 31.5" (800 mm) H x 4.3" (110 mm) D
  • 150 watts, heat output of 512 BTUs per hour
  • 8 heated straight bars
  • 304-stainless steel construction
  • Dual connection (120 VAC) can be used plug-in or hardwired (with modification)
  • Integrated power switch with indicator light
  • Safe: cETLus listed with built-in overheat protection
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Lifetime technical support from WarmlyYours

Customer Questions & Answers

Sierra has 32 Questions and Answers.

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Can I install the towel warmer myself or do I need to hire someone to do it for me?

Each towel warmer comes with an instruction manual which fully explains how to install the device from start to finish. If you can hang a picture, you can probably install a heated towel rack. However, for hardwired models, you will need a licensed professional who is certified to do electrical wiring for the final hook-up. 

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How hot does the towel warmer actually get and is there any possibility of damage?

The heated towel rack will heat up to between 100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not produce sufficient heat to injure you if you touch or brush up against it, though you should still exercise caution around the device. Please note that once a heated towel rail is warmed up, the surface temperature will remain constant and can't be adjusted incrementally. 

The heated towel racks have a built-in offset from the wall (the size of the offset will depend on which model you purchased); the offset provides sufficient clearance to prevent any damage to the wall. You should also maintain a distance of four inches between the towel warmer and surrounding fixtures.

Additionally, nearly all of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C).

*Excludes the Elements model.

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Can the electric towel warmer be installed “upside down” to change the power access point?

Yes, most of our wall-mounted towel warmers have a fixed power location in the lower right corner.  All of our heated towel racks are electric "dry" (liquid/oil-free) units and most can be installed "upside down". Doing so will result in the power location relocating from the lower right corner to the upper left corner.

Please see the installation video here:

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Does the towel warmer have an automatic shutoff function?

The heated towel rack is designed to stay on at a relatively constant temperature to keep your bathrobes and towels fresh, warm, and dry. However, should you need to turn the unit off for any reason, you can use the integrated on/off switch on the unit. If you’re using a control for your heated towel rack, you may need to shut off the unit there as well. 

Most of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C). 

*Excludes the Elements model. 

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How do I use the towel warmer after it is installed?

Our towel warmers are designed for everyday use and all of them include an integrated on/off switch. Please note that the Ibiza model includes additional built-in timer options for controlling the unit. WarmlyYours also offers a wide array of controls that can be used with your heated towel rack. Depending on the control you select, you can program the heated towel rack to your schedule or operate it remotely. Just bear in mind that the heated towel rack is designed to gradually warm towels over the course of a day and does work best when towels are left to hang for about 3 hours.

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Customer Reviews

Sierra achieved an average rating of 4.8 stars with 14 reviews by our customers.

Great towel warmer, you have two options, either hard-wire or

Don K., Leetsdale, PA on 10/15/2022

Great towel warmer, you have two options, either hard-wire or plug. I chose to do a hard-wire, the only comment I have is I think having a black towel warmer with a white cord is not as attractive if the cord was black. Before purchasing this model, we tried other brands from the big box stores and the largest on-line retailer (starts with an A). None of them came close to the warmth this puts out, many were not built as well as this one is. If you are looking for right out of the dryer warmth, you will need to place a dryer in your bath/shower area. If you are looking to wrap yourself with a toasty towel right out of the bath/shower, this will do it. It takes about 15 minutes to get to temp, the footprint is compact enough to work even in a small bathroom (like I have). Installation was simple for a hard-wire. It looks good, stylish and sold my contractor on suggesting them to his clients. As always, Technical support was awesome. As a final note, my thermal gun puts the temp on this model at 140, the top-rated from a big box store only got to 92 after a 1/2 hour of being on.

Simple luxuries make daily life delightful

R M., Seneca, SC on 05/13/2022

We have loved our towel warmer Since we remodeled the bathroom almost 6-7 years ago. When it stopped working we were sent very clear instructions on troubleshooting the switch and when it was determined it was just natural wearing out of the heating element I thought it be a pain to replace it. But it was almost plug and play with a few tools for someone not very mechanically inclined. Our customer service was excellent helpful and courteous across the board. If this one wears out again we replace it with the same kind and if we add an additional one to the other bathroom we would absolutely stay with the same company. These simple luxuries make daily life delightful and are well worth a basic investment. They also dry the towels nicely so there is no funky smell.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you Family Mathew! I'm very happy to hear that our customer service and tech team have served you well! And I hope your replacement towel warmer serves you for many years to come. Bye Bye funky towel smell - hello warm, comfy towels :) - Julia Billen

Outstanding Customer Service!

Anonymous, Hamilton, ON on 04/11/2022

The Towel Warmer product is excellent, and was recommended to me by several Contractors. Unfortunately, the Towel Warmer unit that I received was damaged. However, the WarmlyYours team did an Outstanding job in terms of quickly following up and resolving the situation to my complete satisfaction. I understand that units can be damaged in Shipping & Handling. What matters is the recovery. I can now highly recommend WarmlyYours, both for their product and outstanding customer service!

Towel warmer Replacement

Paul A., Richmond Hill, ON on 01/25/2022

My experience was great dealing with WarmlyYours. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Excellent product

Ali F., Richmond Hill, ON on 01/05/2022

Excellent product and works as advertised. Definitely would recommend this warmer


Jennie H., North Palm Beach, FL on 06/12/2021

Very neat and stylish towel warmer. Easy to operate. Excellent product

Towel Warmer

Anonymous, Richmond Hill, ON on 04/09/2021

I recently installed a towel warmer I purchased from WarmlyYours. We love it! It heats up very quickly and looks very modern. It was easy to install. I would not hesitate to purchase another product from this company.


Timothy C., Woodway, TX on 02/24/2021

Our towel rack fell off the wall. My wife wanted a heated one. These had better reviews than others. It arrived quickly, my electrician had it installed in an hour and modified the light switch to turn it on and off. Works well and we are very pleased.

Love this!

Anonymous, Hay, ON on 02/15/2021

My girlfriend didn’t understand why I wanted this when we did our bathroom over - “What’s wrong with the towels as they are???” after a few months she’s hanging her towel, bathrobe and unmentionables on it. She’s a much happier person in the mornings when she puts on warm underwear and that’s the reason I bought it.

Very good towel warmer

Anonymous, Winter Garden, FL on 02/15/2021

This towel warmer was the prefect size for our space. It does a great job warming towels with enough lead time. Wish it came in brushed finish rather than polished. Also it came with the wrong wall mounts. Customer service was very cooperative in replacing with the correct parts at no charge.

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