Environ Floor Heating under Carpet

Environ Floor Heating Systems Under Carpet, Laminate & Floating Wood

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems for carpet, laminate, and floating floors are ideal for adding warmth and comfort to your soft carpet or nice laminate and floating floors. Make any room in your home more comfortable by installing radiant underfloor heating.

WarmlyYours was the first company to introduce this advanced design and heating technology, a non-adhesive foil electric underfloor heating system.

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Environ Underfloor Heating System Flex Rolls and Mats

Environ Heating Mats and Flex Rolls are the perfect way to bring underfloor heating to your home. With an easy installation process and option for covering large or small areas, they’re great for any room you want to warm up.

Environ Cut and Fit Floor Heating Coverage

Environ Flex Rolls

Flex Rolls are ideal for larger rooms that require wall-to-wall coverage. Because the rolls are flexible, they can be turned and cut at 90° and 180°, which means there won’t be any uncovered spots of floor in the room.

  • Ideal for in-field flexibility (Flex Roll)
  • Full coverage for any size space, commonly installed beneath carpet, floating wood or laminate
  • 12 watts per sq. ft.

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Environ Easy Mats Floor Heating Coverage

Environ Easy Mats

Easy Mats are more ideal for providing “blanket-like” warmth from under your floors—when you only want a specific area of a room’s floor to be heated, these are perfect. Available in a variety of sizes, no cutting is required, making these mats very easy to install. You’ll be enjoying your heated floor in practically no time.

  • Underfloor heating provides "blanket" coverage for specific larger areas, such as a family room
  • No-cut one piece mats
  • 12 watts per sq. ft.

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