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Green Renovations For Every Room In Your Home

The world has settled on a new favorite color, and it's an eco-conscious one. More and more homes are making the green transition to energy efficiency, eco-conscious consuming and avid recycling. There...

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Helping Your Kids Design And Decorate Their Own Bedrooms

Kids thrive in the right environment, which is why they love to have their own rooms with their own rules. But if you left your kids to decorate those rooms as they saw fit, things would go awry pretty...

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Case Study: LUX 74 – New York

Standing 7-stories tall at 433 East 74th Street in New York City is a mid-block condominium apartment that is one of the most elegant post-war buildings on the Upper East Side. Developed by Josh Guberman of...

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Five Great Themes For Your Bathroom

There are a number of ways to redesign, remodel or redecorate your bathroom to new effect. Two popular ways to rethink your bathroom are via green technology (energy-efficient and water-saving toilets,...

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What Your Living Room Design Scheme Says About You

Our rooms say a lot about us, beyond just messy, clean or colorblind. They reveal hidden character and aspects of ourselves we might not even readily recognize on our own. When we design a room, we're...

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