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5 Amazing Innovations that Work with the Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat heating

For years, the Nest thermostat has been well known for its ability to learn schedules. It records when and how residents change the temperature as well as when they are home and away in order to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. Because, after all, those are the two primary goals of any home automation system. Homeowners want to be the most comfortable in their homes without paying an arm and a leg to do so.

Nest thermostat heating

The Nest has even gotten so good that it knows people better than they know themselves — well, their routines at least. Let’s say you’re the type of person who frequently wakes up sweating in the middle of the night. Every time you turn the thermostat down, your Nest is learning from your behavior. Soon, your thermostat will proactively turn the temperature down at night to keep you comfortable while you sleep. Because this is occurring in the middle of the night, you might not even realize it’s happening! Such are the perks of having a smart thermostat.

But the Nest has become so much more than a smart thermostat. It’s become the hub for home automation. Did you know there are more than 80 different products that work with the Nest thermostat? Whether it’s lighting, window shades, home security systems, ceiling fans or appliances, Nest works with it. Below are some of the most unique and noteworthy innovations that integrate with Nest.

Haiku® with SenseME™ Ceiling Fan

Haiku® ceiling fans pair with the Nest to improve energy efficiency while keeping homeowners comfortable. In the warmer months, the technology works by adjusting the fan’s speed as temperatures rise, allowing homeowners to keep their thermostat’s set point higher without it actually feeling hotter. In the colder months, the fan’s blades move more slowly, pushing the warm air downward, reducing the homeowner’s heating workload without creating a draft.

WeMo Switch

Any plug-in appliance can make use of Belkin's WeMo Switch

The WeMo Switch allows any plug-in appliance to be controlled by a smart device. By integrating it with the Nest, the switch knows when someone is home and when everyone is away. As a result, the switch can turn the appliance (such as a lamp, fan or towel warmer) off and on accordingly.

Whirlpool Washer and Dryer

Did you know that even your washer and dryer can be smart? By using the Nest’s Auto Away sensor and Rush Hour Rewards program, homeowners can save energy and gain convenience. When the Nest senses that no one is home, the Whirlpool dryer can switch to Eco Mode to save energy, and it can activate the Wrinkle Shield™ to keep clothes wrinkle free until the homeowner returns. Select models can even activate Quiet Mode when the Nest senses that someone is home. By participating in the Nest Rush Hour Rewards program, the washer and dryer can also choose to run only during non-peak energy hours. This will save the homeowner energy and money.

WarmlyYours In-Floor Heating

If you thought radiant floor heating was limited to simple on and off operation, think again. By connecting a third-party integration kit to the Nest, the in-floor heating system can learn the homeowner’s preferred schedule, just as the Nest does with the temperature in the rest of the home. Homeowners also have the ability to control the system from a smart device, offering optimum convenience.

Nest integrates with WarmlyYours in-floor heating

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

The Nest can also pair with the Mimo smart baby monitor, which tracks your baby’s sleep quality and activity using a kimono onesie with a built-in sensor. Say goodbye to those late-night “pop-ins!” If the baby becomes too hot or too cold, the parent will be alerted so that they can change the temperature to keep the baby comfortable.

By pairing comfort and energy efficiency with convenience, homeowners end up with a trifecta of “smart” benefits that can’t be beat. For the full list of products that work with Nest, visit https://nest.com/works-with-nest/.

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