ZoneBraker Touchscreen Multi-Zone Snow and Ice Melting Controller

ZoneBraker Touchscreen Multi-Zone Snow and Ice Melting Controller

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  • Automatic snow and ice melting control for operating up to 4 different zones via 4 separate contactors

  • Useful for big projects where available amperage may be limited like larger driveways or walkways

  • Each zone can have a custom time duration to distribute the power accordingly and prioritize the most critical or harder to melt zones

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen with single screen setup

  • In-screen access to FAQs and troubleshooting guide


The automatic ZoneBraker Touchscreen Multi-Zone Snow and Ice Melting Controller is a high-tech yet intuitive option for controlling your electric snow melting system. The device allows for zoned control of the heating system. This means the total heating coverage can be broken into 4 separate zones (1 zone per contactor for each of the 4 contactors).

These zones can then be "turned on" independently. Zoned control like this means that the ZoneBraker can be used to operate a larger heating system since only one zone will be turned on at a time, which reduces the total power load. This is particularly useful for big projects where available amperage may be limited, like larger driveways or walkways.

The ZoneBraker also allows for users to easily set custom operational times for each zone in case an area of the outdoor surface needs to run (such as the bottom of a sloped driveway where accumulated runoff can be evaporated with a longer runtime).

The ZoneBraker is easy-to-use with its intuitive touchscreen operation along with in-screen access to FAQs and a troubleshooting guide.

This control comes with an upper-limit temperature sensor that will be embedded in the outdoor surface along with the heating elements. This is a supplemental sensor that will help save energy and running costs during operation.

The ZoneBraker does require the use of either a Snow Melt Aerial Sensor (sold separately, SKU: AIR-SS-2) or a Pavement Snow and Ice Sensor Kit (sold separately, SKU: SC-SS-PAV-6E-KIT) to enable automatic control.

- Comes with 4 contactors and can control up to 4 separate zones
- Each zone can be programmed with a customized runtime
- Automatic operation based on the use of either a Snow Melt Aerial Sensor (sold separately, SKU: AIR-SS-2) or a Pavement Snow and Ice Sensor Kit (sold separately, SKU: SC-SS-PAV-6E-KIT)
- Intuitive touchscreen operation
- In-screen access to FAQs and troubleshooting guide
- Covered by a 2-year warranty



Adjust After-Run Time true
Air Temp Sensor true
Automatic true
Control Remotely via iPhone, Android or Web App false
Digital Temp Readout true
Moisture Sensor true
Multi-Zone Capability true
Outdoor Rated false
Slab Temp Sensor true

Warranty / Certifications

Approvals UL & cUL certified to UL508A Standard
Ingress Protection (IPxx) Rating IP67 Indoor Mounting
Warranty 2 years


Best Use Best For Larger Projects With Limited Power Supply
Installation Area Indoor Mounting
Minimum Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C)
Minimum Storage Temperature -5°F (-20°C)


Connection Method Hardwired
Number of Relays 4
Voltage 120V


Country of Origin (COO) United States of America

Product Dimensions

Depth 8.3″
Height 11.8″
Width 15.7″


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308071820

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How quickly do these systems melt the snow?

That depends on a number of variables (like the temperature outside) but generally speaking these snow melting systems are designed to melt 1" - 3" of snow per hour. Anything above 3" per hour is typically considered blizzard conditions. 

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Is it okay to cut the snow melting cable if it is too long for the application for which it was designed?

Never cut the heating cable. A heating cable will not work if it has been cut. If the heating cable is too long, call WarmlyYours to consult with a technician who will guide you in utilizing the additional length of cable.

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May I cross or overlap the WarmlyYours snow melt heating cable?

When installing outdoor WarmlyYours snow melting cables for your driveway, patio, walkway, terrace, stairs, ramp, etc. - NEVER cross, overlap, or allow the heating cables to touch each other. Doing so will quickly cause a circuit failure due to excessive heat build up. Always follow the installation instructions and/or design layout plan to ensure the cable is installed with the correct spacing required for proper operation.

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How does the electric snow melting system compare to hot water tubing (hydronic) systems?

The material costs are similar. However, electric systems are easier to install, with fewer components and significantly lower maintenance costs. Electric systems will run for a shorter period of time to give the same level of performance but with much higher energy efficiency (typically 95%-98% efficient). Controls and sensors required for the two types of systems are very similar. Electric systems do not usually require slab insulation and do not create the concerns typically associated with hydronic systems. These concerns include, but are not limited to, return temperatures, flue gas venting, waterway shrinkage and property damage caused by leaking pipes or tubes.

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Does the factory splice need to be completely embedded during installation?

Yes. The manufacturer's splice that connects the heating element to the cold lead should be entirely embedded in a noncombustible material (like asphalt, concrete, or mortar) within the outdoor surface that is being heated. 

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Touchscreen Multi-Zone achieved an average rating of 5.0 stars with 14 reviews by our customers.

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Very professional

Llc G., White Plains, NY on 04/19/2024

I needed this product asap.. They were on time and readily available for any questions!

Good choice

Mike M., Lakewood, CO on 12/11/2023

The WarmlyYours ice melt I recently installed is working great. They clearly have a 5 star product. I have only two slight complaints: none of the contractors referred by WY ever bothered to call back, so I had to find electrician and concrete guy myself. The plastic cover on the Snow Switch should be hinged instead of fastened with screws.

Great experience

Bill, Hawthorne, NY on 10/30/2023

From customer service to product quality, it was nice to have a company in your corner to help tackle a project.

Wonderful as usually

Jasmine U., Oak Grove, MO on 06/04/2023

Pedro and the tech team were wonderful as usual

Great Customer Service for an Excellent Product

Richard K., Lakewood, NJ on 03/17/2023

Our experience with WarmlyYours was great from the beginning. They were easy to work with and provided a custom plan and all the necessary hardware to accomplish the job. We changed the design in the process and we were helped every step of the way. The system was on just this week and everything functioned accordingly.

Must have this if you live in a snowy region

Anonymous, Colorado Springs, CO on 01/03/2023

Works great! No more salt or shoveling!

Mary knows her stuff. If she doesn't know , she calls you bac

Ken S., Commerce Township, MI on 09/28/2022

Mary knows her stuff. If she doesn't know , she calls you back within minutes with an answer.

Learning Curve

Scott R., Omaha, NE on 02/01/2022

There is definitely a learning curve but after that it was great to see the finished product working. Customer was extremely happy.

Your online and telephone support system is the greatest!

Bonnie P., Sterling, AK on 10/17/2021

We just finished laying in the wire and poured our cement, just a day before it started snowing-so we are curing the cement as I type. The men are now hooking up the electrical inside portions. The instructions have been so easy to follow step by step. I wanted to let you know it was so easy, I decided to do the one side of my garage with both systems to have a longer driveway of warmth/snow melt...because it was so cost effective that our family man-power did the labor. I plan on contacting you next Spring after the thaw to order up more wire, etc to do the smaller 14 foot section, which will be turned into a bedroom with a big front window I hope to enjoy looking out during the winter, instead of looking at by past 6 foot snow falling off my roof and building a wall I can't see through. I will send the end result after the electrical is finished plus a photo. :):)

Best Products I've installed

Ed B., Bedford, NH on 02/15/2021

I love WarmlyYours. They have the best products and the best customer service. Always ready to help.

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