Prodeso Membrane Sheet 10.8 Sq. Ft. (3′ 3.4″ x 3′ 3.4″)

Part Number: TC-MEM-BL-SH39X39
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Common Support Questions

To prevent any overheating, we recommend that you do not install any electric radiant floor heating elements closer than 4" from the wax ring.

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Yes, but any furniture that may trap heat, such as pieces with an enclosed bottom, should be avoided. Furniture on legs with a clearance of at least 3" is permissible.

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The subfloor will need to be prepared as per the instructions of the self-leveling cement (SLC) used. Please note that most self-leveling products require the use of a primer as specified by the SLC company.

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No. A bathroom floor would be installed in the same way. Our TempZone floor heating systems are wet-location listed and ideal for bathroom floors.

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Yes, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is typically installed over the embedded heating element using self-leveling cement (SLC). Many people choose to use SLC when installing tile over floor heating.

We do not suggest using thinset to encase the heating wires with LVT, as it is very difficult to get thinset completely flat.

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We suggest the heating product be embedded in a minimum of 3/8" of self-leveling cement (SLC). Always check with the manufacturer for specific recommendations.

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Yes, if the flooring manufacturer recommends this installation method. In most cases, the heating element will still need to be embedded in self-leveling cement before the flooring is installed.

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There are heating systems designed for floating floors, such as our Environ system. However, the flooring must be rigid enough so it does not mold itself to the heating cables over time.

Check the flooring manufacturer's floor heating recommendations. In most cases, the heating system will need to be embedded beneath the flooring. Check for all "flatness" requirements for the flooring you choose. The flattest floors utilize self-leveling cement when installed correctly.

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A decoupling membrane protects the installation from differential expansion/contraction between the substrate and the flooring, relieving almost all shear stresses. Crack isolation protects the installation by isolating the flooring from minor in-plane substrate cracking.

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Not a good choice for mosaic tile work, Prodeso requires 2“ x 2“ or larger tiles.

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Self-Leveling (SLC) Cement is not recommended for use over Prodeso. Contact WarmlyYours if self-leveling underlayment is required.

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Prodeso installation membrane does not eliminate the need for expansion joints (adhere to local codes).

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Unroll the membrane the day before installation to flatten it and avoid any potential ‘memory’ due to environmental conditions.

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Install membrane over entire floor first, then heating cable, then do the tiles 1 or 2 at a time. Never cover the Prodeso entirely with thin-set first. Only apply as much thin-set as needed to lay a couple of tiles at a time.

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Waterproofing is recommended under and around tubs/showers. It’s also recommended wherever the tile could possibly be exposed to considerable amounts of water. Prodeso is naturally waterproof, but the corners and seams need to be treated with waterproofing tape and thin-set. (Use Pro WP Waterproofing Band 5“ - Soft polyethylene tape – to seal seams.)

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When laying Prodeso installation membranes adjacent to each other, align the square relief pegs for the later heating element cable runs.

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The wire spacing in the Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane is 3.75“, or every 3rd peg.

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Publications and Manuals



Country of Origin (COO) Italy

Product Dimensions

Coverage 10.78 ft²
Length 3′ 3.4″
Stud Spacing 1.25″
Thickness 0.219″
Width 3′ 3.4″


Minimum Tile Size 2″ x 2″
Recommended Cable Spacing 3.75″, 5″


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308063641


Type Membrane

Warranty / Certifications

Warranty 10 years


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