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Green Flooring Types And Their Compatibility With Radiant Heating

Green building materials have become an important part of the home design process, as homeowners look for methods to become more sustainable and save money in the long term. Flooring plays an enormous...

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Understanding The Benefits Of Leed Certification

In this day and age, it's becoming easier for individuals to go green and live a sustainable lifestyle. However, there is more to being environmentally-friendly than just using LED bulbs and installing an...

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Green Home Tours Grow In Popularity Among Eco Conscious Buyers

As more people become interested in sustainability, it's becoming important for architects and contractors alike to educate themselves on how to provide greener structures to prospective home buyers. One...

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California Reaches 10,000 Green Point Rated Homes

As an architect, it's important to be mindful of growing trends in the real estate industry. Knowing what homeowners are looking for can help you create structures that appeal to the masses, and in this...

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Hgtv Green Home Inspires Industry Experts To Go The Extra Mile

Every year, HGTV has green contractors, interior designers architects buzzing when it announces its plans to create its annual green home - a structure given away to one lucky contest winner every year....

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