Floor Heating Accessories

When you purchase a heated floor system from WarmlyYours, there are a few additional products that will help during your installation process. It’s best to be prepared for installing heated flooring, so you’ll want to consider having these helpful accessories on hand. When it comes to a hassle-free, smooth installation process, these accessories can ensure a headache-free install and even increase the life of your floor heating system.

Additional Accessories

Floor Warming Circuit Check

Circuit Check™

  • New tool developed by WarmlyYours to give you peace of mind and ensure trouble-free installations
  • Immediately beeps when a short in the system is detected and alerts the tile contractor to a potentially damaged cable before laying the tile over the floor warming system.
  • The WarmlyYours troubleshooting team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance if the alarm sounds


Cold Lead for floor warming systems

Cold Lead (1 ft.)

  • Use when the factory length is insufficient to reach your desired thermostat location
  • Non-heated copper conductive wire
  • Double insulated with industrial grade teflon
Splice Kit

Splice Kit

  • Use if an accidental nick or cut occurs during a floor heating system installation
  • Contains all the accessories you need to make a repair
  • Pre-cut heat shrink tubing, crimp-on connector and high conductive grounding tape ensure a reliable, moisture proof connection
Floor Sensor

Floor Sensor

  • Recommended as a replacement sensor for TH114 Thermostat
  • Recommended as a replacement sensor for TH115 Thermostat