Heated Floors for Your Bathroom by WarmlyYours

Heated Floors for Your Bathroom

Treat yourself to a spa-like experience within the comfort of your home. Discover the benefit of warm tiles and don’t let your feet touch a shockingly cold tile floor.

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Floor Heating Systems for Bathrooms

When it comes to finding a relaxing oasis in your home, the bathroom should be a place where you can shut out the chaos of the day with a warm bath or steam shower. For an active home and a demanding life, your bathroom should be more than just another “utility room”--it should be a retreat. Radiant heating solutions for your bathroom from WarmlyYours provide the luxurious escape you’re looking for.

Compare our floor heating systems
Compare our Floor Heating Systems

Our electric underfloor heating systems are available for a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, stone, and marble. Any room in the home can utilize our heating systems, providing comfort wherever you are.

Why Install Floor Heating in the Bathroom?

Spa Experience

Treat yourself to a spa-like experience within the comfort of your home. With our wide range of radiant heating products, you can enjoy the health and rejuvenation that radiant heat can offer, without leaving your home! Radiant heating is the added touch that completes a beautiful bathroom design.

Ban Cold Tile

The alarm clock goes off, early on a chilly morning. Don’t let your feet touch a shockingly cold tile floor. Wake up refreshed, and ease comfortably into your day with radiant floor heating that evenly heats tile and stone floors, making them a treat to step onto after a refreshing shower or bath.

Healthy Primary Heat Source

Our radiant heat products, namely the LAVA® Glass Heating Panels and our floor heating systems can be used as a primary heat source in your bathroom, set for ambient or room temperature. We offer the hottest floor-heating mat on the market, utilizing the full 15-watts per square foot for optimum heat output and a fast warm-up time.

Easy to Install

From floor heating to radiant panels, our products are not only efficient, but they are easy to install. With custom installation SmartPlans™, to easy to install innovative products, right down to our trusted 24/7 installation and technical support, we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you are a professional in the field or a "do-it-yourselfer," we are confident when we say that your installation will be a breeze!

Increases Resale Value

Radiant floor heating is an "easy sell" in a down market. One in every five people or 20% of potential home buyers say that floor heating is a desired luxury when searching for and buying a new home. Comfort and efficiency are the two main reasons why potential homebuyers and homeowners alike, love radiant floor heating.

Accessories for your Bathroom


A great thermostat is the secret to any great heating system. Not only is it how you control the temperature, it’s also how you customize your comfort. When you purchase an electric floor heating system from WarmlyYours, you can choose from a selection of different controls and thermostats that will meet your specific needs.

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Shower and Shower Bench Heating

Our Shower specific products are approved for wet locations such as a shower floor and bench. This extra add-on gives the luxury your bathroom deserves.

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Shower Waterproofing Kits

A great shower waterproofing system ensures that your walls and subfloors are protected from water damage while providing additional benefits like eliminating the need for a traditional mud bed by incorporating a shower pan with a built-in slope to direct water towards the drain.

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Towel Warmers

Imagine stepping out of a shower or bath to luxurious, freshly-warmed towels waiting for you on a stylish heated towel rack. Available in several different models, heated towel bath racks from WarmlyYours provide a sleek yet functional design, perfect for a variety of home decor styles. Treat yourself to the comfort of warm towels.

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LED Mirrors

Brilliant supplemental LED light for your bathroom, warmly diffused by frosted glass, into stylish mirror designs worthy of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Each one of these wall-mounted, backlit mirrors is as functional as it is elegant with a streamlined hardwired electrical connection (which means no visible wires) and a high degree of energy-efficiency.

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Mirror Defoggers

With a fogless mirror as part of the home, you will no longer have to wipe mirrors after warm showers and leave streaks on them as a result. Installing anti-fog bathroom mirror systems is a simple and cost-effective way to make your morning preparations — and even bathroom cleaning — more efficient.

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Radiant Panels

Electric radiant panels are an excellent way to add supplemental heat to any room. This is particularly helpful if you want to experience the comfort and luxury of radiant heating without having to replace your floor in order to install a floor heating system.

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The Cost of a Heated Bathroom

Aside from the convenience they provide, heated bathrooms can also be a smart investment in your home.

Is a Heated Bathroom a Good Investment?

Take a look at our blog post to learn more about the cost and installation of a heated bathroom.

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