Bathroom Floor Heating

Imagine starting your day by stepping out of bed and onto gentle, warm tile that wraps you in gentle comfort. No more recoiling from shockingly cold floors that jolt you awake and leave you scrambling for slippers. Here at WarmlyYours, we believe the bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation as well as functionality.

Our radiant heated bathroom floors transform ordinary spaces into spa-like retreats. Within minutes of turning on your floor warming system, the tile gently radiates a toe-tingling warmth that rivals the floors of the fanciest hotels. Adjust the exact temperature to your personal preference so that every day feels like you are pampering yourself at an exclusive resort, but in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Discover the benefits of warm bathroom flooring while avoiding the shock of cold tile in the morning.

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Electric Radiant Systems for Bathroom Floor Heating

When it comes to finding a relaxing oasis in your home, the bathroom should be a place where you can shut out the chaos of the day with a warm bath or steam shower. For an active home and a demanding life, your bathroom should be more than just another utility room—it should be a retreat. Bathroom floor heating from WarmlyYours will provide the luxurious escape you’re looking for.

Our electric underfloor heating systems are available for a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, stone, and marble. And while any room in the home can utilize our heating systems, there's just something incredibly energizing about starting your day off with warm bathroom flooring.

Why Install Floor Heating in the Bathroom?

  • Spa Experience Treat yourself to a spa-like experience within the comfort of your home. With our wide range of radiant heating products, you can enjoy the health and rejuvenation that radiant heat can offer, without leaving your home! Radiant heating is the added touch that completes a beautiful bathroom design.
  • Ban Cold Tile The alarm clock goes off, early on a chilly morning. Don’t let your feet touch a shockingly cold tile floor. Wake up refreshed, and ease comfortably into your day with radiant floor heating that evenly heats tile and stone floors, making them a treat to step onto after a refreshing shower or bath.
  • Healthy Primary Heat Source Our radiant heat products, namely the Ember Heating Panels and our floor heating systems can be used as a primary heat source in your bathroom, set for ambient or room temperature. We offer the hottest floor-heating mat on the market, utilizing the full 15-watts per square foot for optimum heat output and a fast warm-up time.
  • Easy-to-Install Whether you’re using a mat or cable, we've made installation as simple as possible.
  • Affordable Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.
  • Increases Resale Value Radiant floor heating is an "easy sell" in a down market. One in every five people or 20% of potential home buyers say that floor heating is a desired luxury when searching for and buying a new home. Comfort and efficiency are the two main reasons why potential homebuyers and homeowners alike, love radiant floor heating.
  • Easy-to-Use Thermostats The secret to any great heating system is a great control.
  • Saves Energy Radiant heat has higher levels of energy efficiency than most traditional systems.

How Much Does Bathroom Floor Heating Cost?

The cost for heated bathroom floors can vary depending on the heating system being installed and the size of the project. The price can range from $5-$12 per square foot for electric heated mats, rolls or cables with fixing strips to to $15-$20 per square foot for heating cables with an uncoupling membrane instead of fixing strips. However, the larger the project, typically the cheaper the price is per square foot for warm bathroom flooring.

For a 50 square foot bathroom (about average), with about 35 square feet that can be heated (you shouldn't install heating right up against the wall or under permanent fixtures like vanities, showers, tubs or toilets), the price for bathroom floor heating would be between $175 and $420. However, it does increase to between $525 and $700 if you use an uncoupling membrane.

To find out how much a floor heating system would cost for your bathroom, you can use our Radiant Floor Heating Quote Builder. Or, you can check out some example bathroom projects complete with installation plans and product pricing. Click on the links below to learn more.

Simpson Master Bath Remodel Michaelson Homes

Rolls & Mats For Tile, Stone & Hardwood

WarmlyYours TempZone™ Flex Roll and TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable can be installed underneath ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, wood and other popular flooring materials, giving homeowners radiant in-floor heating that's truly luxurious. TempZone™ Flex Rolls are a more expensive option than the cable product but they require less time and effort to install.

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TempZone Flex Roll Heating System Banner

Our most popular cut-and-turn roll for easy installation.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • As low as C$12 per sq. ft.
  • 15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC
10% Off
TempZone Easy Mat Heating System Banner

Targeted heat coverage designed for small areas.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • As low as C$10 per sq. ft.
  • 15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120 VAC
TempZone Custom Mats Heating System Banner

Custom-fit coverage for your room with no cuts and no turns.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • As low as C$21 per sq. ft.
  • 12-15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/208/240 VAC

Cable for Tile, Stone & Hardwood

10% Off
TempZone Cable with Membrane Heating System Banner

Designed for maximum flexibility with easy installation.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • As low as C$7 per sq. ft. with Fixing Strips
  • As low as C$11 per sq. ft. with Prodeso Membrane
  • 9-15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC
TempZone Floor Heating Ruler Cable Prodeso and GripStrip Install

Pro-exclusive cable with measurement markings for a smooth installation.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Measurement markings at every half-inch, inch, and foot
  • Flexible and durable
  • 9-15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC

Shower Floor Heating

Our shower heating products are approved for wet locations such as a shower floor or bench. These products can help ensure that your entire tile shower is comfortable on chilly mornings.

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TempZone Shower Mats Heating System Banner

Exclusively designed to provide warmth to a shower floor.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120 VAC
10% Off
TempZone Shower Mats Heating System Banner

Exclusively designed to provide warmth to a shower bench.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 15 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120 VAC

How Do You Install Bathroom Floor Heating?

The answer to this question depends on a number of variables (such as the floor covering type and the shape of your room) but we can give you a general overview of how to install a heated bathroom floor.

The most common floor covering material for bathroom floor heating is tile, however waterproof vinyl materials are growing in popularity as are natural stone and marble floors. Tile is so popular in bathrooms because of the natural water resistance of the material and its ability to easily transfer heat from the heating system to the room. One very popular radiant floor heating system for warm bathroom flooring under tile is the combination of our TempZone Floor Heating Cable and the Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane. This combination helps protect your floor from cracking or popping tiles while greatly reducing installation times.

How to Install Bathroom Floor Heating Under Tile

  • Step 1: Clean the subfloor and make sure it's clear of dirt, dust, and grease.
  • Step 2: Pre-cut the membrane based on your installation plan.
  • Step 3: Dry-fit the membrane pieces to make sure they fit properly.
  • Step 4: Align all of the cable channels between pieces of the membrane.
  • Step 5: Adhere the membrane to the subfloor with the right thinset.
  • Step 6: Test the floor heating cable (you should test before, during, and after installation).
  • Step 7: Secure the floor heating cable in the membrane channels at proper spacing.
  • Step 8: Periodically check to make sure you're following the install plan correctly.
  • Step 9: Once the cable is secured, you can begin to install the tiles by back-buttering and working your way out of the room.
  • Step 10: Wait until the thinset embedding the heating cables has completely cured before turning on the heating system.
  • Step 11: Enjoy your warm bathroom flooring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can electric floor heating be installed under a vanity?

Electric radiant floor heating should not be installed under permanent fixtures that may trap heat. However, if the vanity or cabinets are "floating" or are on legs, then a floor heating system may be installed under it.

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Should I be concerned about electric floor heating melting the toilet connection's wax ring?

To prevent any overheating, we recommend that you do not install any electric radiant floor heating elements closer than 4" from the wax ring.

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How much does it cost to heat a bathroom floor with electric floor heating?

A typical bathroom floor can be heated for about a quarter a day with electric radiant floor heating.

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Do you have a separate thermostat for the shower?

Bathrooms designed with shower and floor heating will include only one thermostat by default. But it is possible to design with a thermostat for each zone if desired. Installing a separate thermostat for the shower area can help reduce cost and energy usage. This also allows you to heat the bathroom floor alone for everyday use and only heat the shower area when needed.

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Is the waterproofing above or below the heating wire?

Waterproofing for the room is in the layer above the floor heating system. The layers for waterproofing this type of floor are:

  • subfloor
  • thinset
  • uncoupling membrane
  • tempzone heating cable
  • waterproofing tape for seams and corners
  • thinset or self leveling cement
  • tile floor
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Can I put electric floor heating in the shower?

Yes, we have TempZone Shower and Bench mats with sizes designed specifically for shower installation and they are wet location listed for for installing electric radiant floor heating to a shower.

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Is the heating element waterproof?

Our TempZone electric floor heating products are waterproof and wet location listed.

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