Infrared Radiant Heating Panels Reviews

Best heater

Anonymous | Kitchener, ON

Provides long lasting heat without drying out the air. In winter, the windows can stay open longer.

June 28, 2022
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Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer without faceplate

Perfect for our new bathroom!

Jo J. | Banning, CA

Our master bathroom is always freezing! We live in one of those homes that doesn't have a bathroom door in the master bedroom. So, when we decided to remodel, I was all about doing something to make the area warmer. (You wouldn't think this is something to worry about in SoCal, but it is!) We talked about building a door to keep the heat in, but that was going to be a big job and we weren't sure we would like another door, in a small space. I started investigating heat panels as a different option and found WarmlyYours online. Our contractor had never heard of the panel, but was game to install it. I bought the timer switch to go with and we had it hardwired in. Wow, what a difference it has made! Not too hot, just enough to take the cold edge off. The panel looks great on the wall; we are so happy to find this unique answer to our remodel problem. I would (and have) recommend these radiant heat panels to anyone.

April 03, 2022
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Lava Crystal-01 500W - 35″ X 25″

Lava Crystal

Barbara R. | Columbus, NC

I'm a great fan of radiant heat. It's the next best thing to the sun. I use the WarmlyYours radiant wall panels throughout my house. I especially like this Lava Crystal panel. Although it was expensive, it has a beautiful crystal pattern design and it fits in perfectly with my living room decor. The heating unit, itself, is great. It maintains a consistent, comfortable warmth, evenly distributed throughout the large room. Unlike the convection heat immediately produced by the HVAC system which heats the air molecules and then quickly rises and cools, the radiant panel slowly warms the objects in my living room which, in turn, give off heat (thermal lag). I am extremely pleased with this unit.

February 09, 2022
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Lava Glass Pure White 750W - 51″ X 25″

We are more than satisfied. Delighted with the product (keepi

Guest 1. | ,

We are more than satisfied. Delighted with the product (keeping us warm, looks great) and with the service from WarmlyYours. Sales rep Kerilyn was fantastic and the company really helped us out. We had a small issue with a radiator we bought through WarmlyYours 4 years ago. It had been operating without any challenges for those years. When we encounter an issue, the WarmlyYours team advised, set up a call with the local technician and when it was determined that the unit was faulty, immediately shipped out a replacement at no cost to us. Thank you so much for the excellent support and wonderful product. You guys have been excellent.

February 09, 2022

Great Product

Mark V. | Oneonta, NY

I love the heat panel that doubles as a mirror in our bathroom. So nice to get out of the shower and feel the radiant heat.

February 03, 2022

Great product and courteous customer service

Viola M. | Barnstable, MA

I appreciated Lynn from customer service reaching out to us before shipping the radiant panel to see if we had any questions and offer help. The electrician who hardwired the unit with a countdown timer said the installation went smoothly. The panel looks great and works as described. It heats up pretty quickly, but it takes about 30-45min to feel the effect in the room. The panel matches the room size and is used as supplemental heat to increase the temperature in the room for short periods.

December 09, 2021

My feet are warm

Marian L. | Nelson, BC

I purchased the plug in 300W 12x36" panel with stands to go under my office desk. It's a very subtle heat and so not obvious but since installing my feet have not been cold once. I am now considering another panel to go behind me so the room is super toasty warm (it's a northfacing room with a decent window and not near our main source of heat in winter which is a wood stove). I love the quiet unimposing way these panels work. WarmlyYours was very helpful in response to my pre-purchase questions.

November 28, 2021
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Hardwired Programmable Timer without faceplate

Nice panel, easy ceiling install

Jeremy L. | Erie, CO

Installed and using the Ember Flex Radiant Panel Heater- White - 500W - 35” x 24”. Panel install was easy but programming the Leviton Digital Timer Switch is a challenge. For us it's critical to have the panel on a timer of some sort because it not temperature controlled (either on or off) and consumes 500w of electricity when on or about $2/day.

November 17, 2021

Customer Service (Account Manager, Jennifer Melus) was great.

Jay S. | Seattle, WA

Customer Service (Account Manager, Jennifer Melus) was great. I had a problem with a defective panel that was burning off the white paint, emitting VOC. Jennifer was very helpful in replacing the defective panel. Although there were a few glitches during the process, their over all customer service was excellent! This is a huge reflection on the company, as they not only stand by their product but their Customer Service was very good!

July 15, 2021


Jay S. | Seattle, WA

Customer Service (Account Manager, Jennifer Melus) was great. I had a problem with a defective panel that was burning off the white paint, emitting VOC. Jennifer was very helpful in replacing the defective panel. Although there were a few glitches during the process, their over all customer service was excellent! This is a huge reflection on the company, as they not only stand by their product but their Customer Service was very good!

July 15, 2021
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Lava Glass Pure White 250W - 25″ X 20″

Already getting asked..."where'd you get that?"

Your S. | Littleton, CO

Not even finished with the project yet and already getting remarks from the client's friends and relatives as well as my own subs..."That's nice, where'd you get that heater?" High quality construction and ease of install makes this a go-to product in my "toolbox". Perfect choice for the small bathroom that had no heat previously. Wish I'd been aware of these products on some past projects and will likely be revisiting those clients to discuss the addition of these heaters.

April 21, 2021

Great experience from start to finish! Prompt, professional & fantastic service.

Your S. | Littleton, CO

My experience has been fantastic. Questions answered promptly and thoroughly along the way. Ended up needing to process a return along the way (nothing wrong on WarmlyYours's end, just decided an accessory wasn't needed) and it couldn't have been more painless. Have had a single point of contact throughout which has made the entire experience fantastic. No issues of needing to pull up notes (and hoping they were recorded) from the last time I communicated with someone because it was always the same individual. Wish more companies treated customer service with this approach. As a residential contractor I will very likely be utilizing WarmlyYours for several future projects. They couldn't make the experience any more enjoyable. With regard to the products...very pleased. High quality construction and straightforward documentation made installation a breeze. I don't have any concerns of getting a call-back to the project because of sub-par equipment. I look forward to utilizing more of their products on future projects based on this experience.

April 21, 2021

Shipping issues

Shawn H. | London, ON

I ordered this product and quickly received shipment of not one but 2 heated panels both were white glass and the plug in versions problem was I ordered ONE mirror hardwired version, It took many calls texts and emails to get sorted out and after 4 weeks I finally got another shipment This time it was a mirror but it WAS NOT a hardwired version, After consulting my electrician and WarmlyYours tech support I decided to keep it and cut off the plug to wire it directly, Throughout this somewhat frustrating transaction the salesman Troy Barton was extremly helpful prompt and pleasant to deal with. The problems with wrong product shipment were elsewhere in the supply chain. Mirror is not installed yet but seems very well made.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Shawn, we apologize for the original shipment issue. Our current version of Ember panels are dual connection, meaning they can be used “as is” to plug into a standard 120 VAC outlet or they can be modified by a licensed electrician to have a hardwired 120 VAC electrical connection.

March 16, 2021

Works well but takes time to warm up

Larry M. | Durham, NC

Our panel is lovely and fits the space well. Once fully warmed, it generates sufficient heat but takes nearly 20 minutes to get to full intensity. So, we have to remember to turn it on well before showering. That’s our only complaint. The towel bar is somewhat flimsy and could have been better designed both functionally and aesthetically. We can't use the programmability function because we don't shower or bathe on a regular schedule as we are retired. We do find the Wi-Fi control to be very handy because when I'm getting off the golf course I can turn it on so it's nice and warm by the time I gets home. The product is very novel, and when I tell people that I have a radiant panel in my house in my bathroom when people visit they actually want to see it.

February 15, 2021

No on/off switch

Deborah S. | Philadelphia, PA

Unit works fine but I would have appreciated an on/off switch and some indicator that the unit is on. I feel this is a poor design.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Deborah, thank you for your review. I wanted you to know that our radiant panels are best paired with controls for proper operation and visual indications. You can add that to your setup at anytime. We have two plug-in models: wifi-enabled and countdown timer. I hope that helps! Stay warm. - Julia Billen (Owner)

February 15, 2021

Great product for heating rooms

Ian C. | Richmond Hill, ON

I purchased an 800W panel for heating my basement office, and so far, it has worked as expected. It does take a few minutes to start feeling some warmth, but after that, it is very comfortable. As well, the panel doesn't need to stay on all the time, as the residual heat seems to keep the room warm well after the unit has been shut off. It is nearly silent (you can hear a few quiet "clicks" when the panel turns on/off), and there is no odour at all when in operation. The panel is hot to the touch, but it won't burn your skin if you do accidentally touch it (which was one of my concerns before buying). The reason for only providing 4 stars, rather than 5 stars is the installation process. You have to be extremely accurate with your template, as the mounting holes do not leave much room for error. If they could improve the flexibility of the mount, that would make it perfect.

February 15, 2021
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Lava® Mirror 250W - 25″ X 20″

Pleasure to deal with.

Joseph A. | Basking Ridge, NJ

The item came fast, packaging was excellent and there was no damage. It is not installed yet but I will send a picture when finished.

February 15, 2021

Aesthetic solution

Andrey P. | San Jose, CA

Looks nice and stylish. Also pretty effective at keeping 700sq.ft room warm at night.

February 15, 2021

Great prodcut and customer service

Anonymous | Washington, DC

Excellent product and very good customer service, including personal calls after delivery of the product to insure everything is in order.

February 15, 2021

Professional and Warm service.

Angela H. | W Vancouver, BC

Perfect product and communication. Pleasant experience of purchasing. Thank you!

February 15, 2021

Heats up a room without drying the air!

Anonymous | ,

I got these for a couple different reasons. I was told Far Infrared has some therapeutic detox properties, and I wanted a way to lessen my dependence on my HVAC system which dries the air in my house. I have a couple of cold spots I wanted to address, and hoped these would do it. I'm really pleased to say they do a great job! I installed one under the kitchen counter on the wall facing the back door and windows. The wall panel heats up the granite counter top, wall and flooring, eventually reaching the wall and windows 8' away. There's a distinct difference in the temperature of the wall closest to this wall panel and the wall on the other side of the back door. I installed the second in my office next to the windows, so it heats up the wall, windows, blinds, and furniture. It does a nice job taking the chill off that 10'x12' space. I should mention that while these wall panels do heat up the surrounding surfaces, the surrounding surfaces are never too hot to touch. These come with a warning that the glass of the wall panels shouldn't be touched while in use. I had some reservations about the heat these generate marring the paint and/or drywall, but the cool metal backing, and spacing, is doing a great job of protecting my home. The third picture I've uploaded shows that gap. I also had some reservations about using these around my curious cats. I've been pleased that while my cats are enjoying lounging in the warm spots these create, they haven't tried to touch them. The installation was pretty easy. I would have loved for the brackets on the back to be spaced so I could have mounted these on studs as opposed to using the included anchors, but the anchors appear sufficient to bear the weight. Spackling will be sufficient to repair the holes if I ever decide to move them. If you're going to mount them on a wall adjacent to waterlines, like I did, please be sure to use a stud finder that will tell you where the water lines are. The main reason I love these is they do heat up a space and they are quiet since they don't have a fan. I put mine on a countdown timer, which you can see in the first pic so I don't have to remember to turn them off when the house gets warm in the afternoon.

January 20, 2021

no on/off swithch

Deborah S. | Philadelphia, PA

December 24, 2020
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Lava Glass Black 250W - 25″ X 20″

Beautiful and warm radiant panel!

William L. | Kingston, PA

This was very easy to install and wire, and does a great job in being the primary heat source for a finished attic.

January 30, 2019

great accessory

Amy K. | Chicago, IL

The panel can fit two bars. We chose just one and love it! We put the bar on the lower slot so that the towels do not block the panel. The panel does a great job warming the bathroom and the towels are warm!

January 30, 2019

Attractive and effective


Attractive and effective. Install went smoothly.

March 23, 2017