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Excellent help from tech support for resolution of thermostat issue

Anonymous | Singers Glen, VA

The tech support guy that I spoke with--I wish I could remember his name--nailed it with the solution to my problem with the programmable thermostat I had installed with my radiant floor. He listened very carefully to my description of the problem and knew immediately what was needed to fix it. He guided me through the repair of the thermostat over the phone, and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes. Thanks for the great help!!

July 21, 2022

Great customer service!!

R. G. | Linville, NC

Great customer service!!

July 18, 2022

Amazing service

Brad S. | Des Peres, MO

I was going to use a competitor's product, but every place that 'carried' it I also had to order it. Since the tile guy was coming over on a specific date I needed to make sure everything was in place, & based on experience I couldn't trust Lowe's or HD's site when it said it would come in by a Wednesday of the week needed. I called WarmlyYours, they confirmed that they had all the items in inventory & could ship the same day. I texted the bathroom plans and later that day they got back w/ the design and a quote. I ordered it that Friday afternoon, and was shocked that it showed up at my door the next day-Saturday. Everything went as stated. Very nice when facing delays w/ so many of the other items in our project.

July 11, 2022

My old controller finally died (12y...but the other one still

David L. | Bainbridge Island, WA

My old controller finally died (12y...but the other one still going strong!) Call to WY and they had a new one (at half price) on the way to me the next day. Got it, installed it (a snap), and "Bob's your uncle!"

July 10, 2022
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CeraZorb® Insulating Synthetic Cork Underlayment (4’ x 4’) - 16 sq.ft. - 1 Sheet

Great customer service

Peter M. | Oak Ridge, NJ

Great customer service

July 08, 2022

Great heating system, almost perfect, 4.9 stars

Patrick S. | Weymouth, MA

I installed this for a small bathroom, 50 sq feet-it has always been cold since it's over a garage. The instructions are very good and all the materials are excellent. Almost perfect except for two small items. 1. The wiring kit should include the conduit elbows, 1 for the cold lead cable going to the box and 1 other elbow for the floor sensor. Since the kit has everything else, would be helpful to add these two small items. Nearly every installation will require using elbows to protect the wires when they make the turn from the floor up to the box. 2. The instructions for the floor heating kit should mention something about making sure to check the instructions for the self leveling compound before laying the wires. In my case, I had laid out the wires on tile following all the instructions in the heating kit, then I bought the self leveling kit compound and realized that I needed to scarify the old tile, and then prime the floor. Then I had to lay the wires back down again. I know, probably user error, but it would be helpful to add something about checking the self leveling compound instructions BEFORE laying the wire for the heating system. Other than that, it's a great system that I think will do well during the cold winter months. TIPS for installers: 1. I used duct tape to hold the wires down reinforced as much as possible with Zip flashing tape. The duct tape failed on the SLC pour in a couple of spots, use Zip tape instead next time. 2. I bought a spare floor sensor and laid it in the floor but didn't wire it. If the current one fails, I only have to cut a hole in the drywall and run it up to the box, don't have to dig up the floor.

July 03, 2022
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Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer without faceplate

Great Follow Up

William L. | St. Helena, CA

I’m very impressed with the ease of ordering, prompt shipping, and after purchase follow up provided by WarmlyYours.

July 01, 2022

Best heater

Anonymous | Kitchener, ON

Provides long lasting heat without drying out the air. In winter, the windows can stay open longer.

June 28, 2022
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Screwless Snap-on White Faceplate for Hardwired Timers or Switches

Good towel warmer wish there were more sizes available

Elliot K. | Manhattan, NY

Took a while to figure out that in order to use the timer I needed to push the button on the actual towel warmer to turn on the heat. I live in NYC so space is at a premium. Could have used a narrower rack that was taller

June 28, 2022
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Screwless Snap-on White Faceplate for Hardwired Timers or Switches

Have not installed yet as renos are not happening until Novem

Saveria M. | Richmond Hill, ON

Have not installed yet as renos are not happening until November. Will submit a review then. Thanks

June 23, 2022

Good quality product

John E. | Lakewood, CO

WarmlyYours is a good quality product. The mat was installed this spring. I haven't connected it to power yet. Technical support through the process was excellent . The product shipped and arrived on time. The price seemed a little high but sales staff worked with me to eliminate items I didn't really need to reduce the overall costs to a more palatable level. Recommend it!

June 21, 2022

Great Wifi switch

Nancy H. | Oakton, VA

I love having easy access to turn on the towel warmer via wi-fi.

June 16, 2022

Easy to operate

Laura B. | Brooklyn, NY

This is a simple unit and very intuitive. Easy to learn how to use it!

June 13, 2022

Easy to install, easy controls, too!

Laura B. | Madison, NJ

This product is wonderful. It was easy to install, especially with the line monitor, so that you are always sure you haven't broken a line. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate. I'd put this in another room, for sure!

June 13, 2022
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Classic Towel Warmer Switch, HTW

Towel rack switch replacement

Glenn A. | Outlook, SK

I was sent the wrong part but they quickly sent out the proper switch when we contacted them. It was an issue returning the incorrect part but we finally just mailed it back. The staff was very helpful and professional throughout. I did purchase a five pack of the same switch for less on Amazon

June 11, 2022

Comfortable and Convenient

Kurt P. | Red Deer, AB

Our original WarmlyYours thermostats (~10yrs old) stopped functioning after a thunderstorm power surge. The WarmlyYours staff were very helpful ordering replacements and for installation. The newer models are much simpler to program. We are very happy with the products and the interactions with the company.

June 02, 2022

Caring staff

Anonymous | Mt Pleasant, IA

They verified my order before I ordered the products so i got what I needed. Speedy delivery as well

June 02, 2022

Great service

Matt R. | Lake Zurich, IL

I’ve been trying to find an easy way to warm up my son’s bedroom above garage, when I came across WarmlyYours. The radiant heating system was designed by WarmlyYours and installed underneath our new carpet. The whole process was great. We couldn’t be happier. It looks and works great. Thank you.

May 26, 2022
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Metropolitan - Hardwired

Exemplary Product & OUTSTANDING Customer Service

Anonymous | Arden, NC

We were so pleased with both our towel warmers and WarmlyYours customer service three years ago that we recently purchased additional towel warmers for installation in the construction of our new home. Customer Support is unsurpassed.

May 19, 2022
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Riviera Towel Warmer - Hardwired - 9-bars - Brushed Stainless Steel

great customer service but design limitations

Robert K. | Montreal, QC

While the customer service individuals were fantastic, and the rack worked great until it didn't, the product itself was disappointing in the sense that it is non reparable and therefore environmentally a very poor choice . It broke my heart to send the entire burnt out unit to the landfill after only 5 years because it lacked any overheat protection. Overheating btw that is not evidently not so difficult to achieve.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this review. We really do use these as opportunities to grow and learn from the people who are actually using our products, like yourself.  You're absolutely right about overheat protection which is why, over the last couple of years, we've worked to onboard that feature for nearly every single one of our towel warmer models.  I also want to be very clear that we make every effort to repair the towel warmers that are sent in as returns or for warranty replacements--not only as a matter of "good business" but also because we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  Again, we really appreciate your feedback and we hope you'll give our (now overheat protected) towel warmers another chance in the future. 

May 18, 2022

Just what I hoped for

Andrew Z. | Santa Barbara, CA

The warmer was easy to install. Warms quickly, not too hot. Towels feel delicious.

May 15, 2022
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Towel Warmer Sierra Square 8-bars Polished Stainless Steel

Simple luxuries make daily life delightful

R M. | Seneca, SC

We have loved our towel warmer Since we remodeled the bathroom almost 6-7 years ago. When it stopped working we were sent very clear instructions on troubleshooting the switch and when it was determined it was just natural wearing out of the heating element I thought it be a pain to replace it. But it was almost plug and play with a few tools for someone not very mechanically inclined. Our customer service was excellent helpful and courteous across the board. If this one wears out again we replace it with the same kind and if we add an additional one to the other bathroom we would absolutely stay with the same company. These simple luxuries make daily life delightful and are well worth a basic investment. They also dry the towels nicely so there is no funky smell.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you Family Mathew! I'm very happy to hear that our customer service and tech team have served you well! And I hope your replacement towel warmer serves you for many years to come. Bye Bye funky towel smell - hello warm, comfy towels :) - Julia Billen

May 13, 2022

Great Product & Service

Marnie S. | Delaware, OH

I wanted to remodel my master bath which already had a WarmlyYours heated floor system installed. Since I was replacing the tile flooring, the old system had to be taken up and a new one installed. Mary was great in helping find the previous layout from the original installation and create the updated layout. Mary and everyone else in Tech Support was incredibly helpful and worked with me and my contractor to get the layout right and installed properly. On top of all that, they gave me a great discount as a previous customer upgrading to a newer system.

May 12, 2022