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Basement Floor Heating

Floor heating might seem like a luxury when you’re talking about a master bathroom, but in the basement, it’s a necessity. What are the two words that most people use to describe basements? “Cold” and “dark.” They’re cold because they have a concrete subfloor, which is excellent at absorbing heat. To avoid this issue, the homeowner should install insulating underlayment with electric radiant heat installed on top for heated basement floors that greatly increase comfort.

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Floor Heating Systems for Basements

Basement floor heating will emit enough warmth that you can choose any flooring material you want. You don’t have to go with carpet to add warmth to the room. Whether you pick wood or even tile flooring, the floor-heating system will keep your feet and the rest of the space feeling comfortably warm.

There are two main types of basement floor heating: electric and hydronic systems. WarmlyYours specializes in electric floor heating which is easier to incorporate into an existing basement than hydronic systems. Additionally, because electric systems don't require any boilers or pumps, installing them is often more cost effective than hydronic systems.

Why Install Floor Heating in the Basement?

Make Your Basement Comfortable in Winter

For many homeowners, their basement can be so cold in the wintertime that the room becomes essentially unusable. By installing radiant floor heating, you can ensure that your basement is warm and cozy during even the coldest months.

Add a bedroom

By adding a bedroom in the basement, you can create an inviting guest room that’s private and comfortable. To make it feel luxurious, consider buying bedding with a high thread count, unique furniture and some beautiful artwork. These touches will make your guests feel like they’re vacationing at a five-star resort while they stay with you.

Create an Open Living Area

Any good basement should have an open living area for entertainment. This space can be modified as needed, depending on the occupants. It can be used for watching TV, as a play space for kids, or for weekly poker nights. The options are endless, which is what makes this space so great.

Accessories for your Basement


A great thermostat is the secret to any great heating system. Not only is it how you control the temperature, it’s also how you customize your comfort. When you purchase an electric floor heating system from WarmlyYours, you can choose from a selection of different controls and thermostats that will meet your specific needs.

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Cerazorb Underlayment

CeraZorb is a synthetic cork underlayment that is installed on top of a subfloor and below a heating element. It is recommended when installing an electric floor heating system over a concrete slab to prevent heat loss. By creating a thermal break, the heat is prevented from sinking into the concrete, and more heat radiates into the floor covering and room.

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Radiant Panels

Electric radiant panels are an excellent way to add supplemental heat to any room. This is particularly helpful if you want to experience the comfort and luxury of radiant heating without having to replace your floor in order to install a floor heating system.

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The Cost of a Heated Basement

Aside from the convenience they provide, heated basements can also be a smart investment in your home.

Is a Heated Basement a Good Investment?

Take a look at our popular blog post to learn more about the cost and installation of a heated basement.

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