Ember Infrared Radiant Heating Wall Panels

Heating your home has never looked so good—with this unique technology, radiant heating panels warm the walls, floor, and objects in a room instead of warming the air, creating a natural feeling of heat that doesn’t kick up allergens or dust. 

WarmlyYours' new line of ember radiant panels mimics the warmth of the sun in a healthy, stylish, and affordable way. If you're ready to soak up the sun but the winter weather is putting a damper on your plans, WarmlyYours has a solution.

Instead of warming the air, it warms the walls, ceilings, and objects in a room, which then release it back into the room. This way you can feel the warmth similar to the sun all year long. Ember glass and ember mirror are the two types of radiant panels that are available.

The glass lineup comes in black and white and in two sizes. The mirror option comes in one size and discreetly radiates heat even though it looks like an ordinary mirror. Both of these varieties boast a slim design that makes them incredibly easy to mount. Best of all, these functional panels are affordable and can even help to reduce your utility bills. In fact, they have the ability to cut your heating costs by as much as 50%.

Because ember radiant panels don't blow air in order to circulate heat, dust and other allergens won't be disrupted and therefore neither will your allergies. You can vertically mount a panel in your bathroom and accessorize it with towel bars for added function. Ember radiant panels balance the benefits of health, functionality, and affordability while managing to be elegant and practical, making them a great feature for any room.

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