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Protect your building with a heated slate shingle roof. A WarmlyYours Ice Shield Roof & Gutter Deicing System provides a reliable solution for ice damming that occurs on slate shingle roofs, especially in the problematic areas like valleys, dormers or simply when the pitch is not steep enough.

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What Is Roof and Gutter Deicing and Why Do You Need a Heated Slate Shingle Roof?

Slate roofing is one of the most valued features a home can have on today's real estate market. Slate is valuable because of its longevity and aesthetic appeal. While slate roofing is usually having a great record at handling snow load and ice dams, it is still not an alternative to a proper heating cable deicing system.

While the biggest of all benefits regarding slate is its strength, areas of a roof subject to concentrated water flows and ice damming, such as along eaves and valleys, tend to deteriorate more rapidly than other areas of the roof. Ice and snow accumulating on the roof, inside your gutters, or in the shingle roof valleys can also cause costly water damage to your home or business.

WarmlyYours Ice Shield Roof & Gutter Deicing Cable System provides a reliable solution for ice damming that occurs on shingle roofs, especially in the problematic areas like valleys, dormers or simply when the pitch is not steep enough.

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What is the Best Deicing Cable for Heated Slate Shingle Roofs?

Self-Regulating vs. Constant Wattage Heating Cables

There are two different kinds of heating cables for roof and gutter deicing systems: self-regulating and constant wattage. Both can serve the same purpose, although the application will typically determine the best solution for the job.

Self-regulating heat cable has a special conductive core between the two bus wires. This core becomes more conductive during cold ambient conditions; therefore the heating cable will increase its wattage per linear foot in response to the cold.

This feature makes it ideal to help protect pipes in the winter from freezing or for keeping gutters clear of ice formations. This type of cable will also decrease its power output (watts per linear foot), in warmer conditions, when the higher temperature will make the special core less conductive.

Constant wattage heating cable cannot be used on slate, stone, metal, and ceramic roofs.

How to Measure Your Slate Roof for Deicing Cables

For the best installation, be sure to have accurate measurements of the roof and gutter areas that you want to heat.

Additional details like overhang width, downspout & valley length would be helpful for a detailed and efficient cable layout design.

Tile or shingle size would help also to determine the proper strap length for cable attachments. Marking the most problematic areas where ice formation is most damaging is also very helpful to ensure that the design of the heating system will have extra coverage in those areas.

Your WarmlyYours account manager will provide you with the assistance that you need to get the correct measurements. Once your measurements are completed, you will be contacted to discuss your options and to provide you with an accurate, no obligation quote and SmartPlan prepared for you by our engineers.

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How Do You Buy Slate Roof Deicing Cables

WarmlyYours provides a free, no-obligation SmartPlan that includes an installation plan, an electrical plan, and an itemized quote, all of which is prepared by a highly skilled team of engineers.

All you have to do to take advantage of this service is to provide WarmlyYours with a sketch of the project that includes dimensions and other relevant information, like where power will be most readily accessible.

Within typically one day of providing this information, you'll receive your free SmartPlan. The itemized quote included in your SmartPlan will also include MSRP pricing so that you can properly budget for your project.

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How Much Does a Heated Slate Shingle Roof Cost?

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Self regulating bundle for roof and gutter deicing

These deicing systems are self regulating, meaning the heating cable will increase or decrease its power output (Wattage per linear ft) in response to how cold or warm each section of the cable is.

  • Available in lengths of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 ft.
  • Energy Efficient
  • 5-10 Watts per linear ft at 120/240 VAC (self regulating)

How to Install Slate Shingle Roof Deicing Cables

The first step is to ensure that you have the proper length of cable for your heated slate roof. A WarmlyYours account manager can help you figure this length out. Then, make sure the roof, gutter and downspouts are free from debris, leaves, pine needles or any combustibles. Double-sided tape pads can only be applied to the gutters materials at temperatures above 40°F (the minimum installation temperature for the cable is 0°F or -18°C).

When attaching the cable on the roof, use copper clips with a pre-attached long strap with nail slots to secure under a slate shingle. These clips are designed to be used on slate roofs without nails, screws or adhesives.

Roof and Gutter Deicing System Illustration on House

When attaching cable in the gutter, use clips every 10 feet. For roof valleys, run the heating cable two-thirds of the way up and down the valley. Add this additional length to the overall cable length.Add clips before and after each downspout.

Install end seals and power connections before turning on power. The heating device should be connected to weather-resistant, non-heating leads.

After installation is complete, turn the circuit breaker on to give power to the cable. Standing water in the gutter should feel warm within one hour. Adding snow guards on the roof to prevent sliding of snow above can minimize other damages to the roof or gutters below.

Accessories and Controls for a Heated Slate Shingle Roof Deicing System

WarmlyYours offers a wide range of controls and accessories to help ensure you get the most out of your slate shingle roof deicing cables.

Our controls range from a basic manual control to our premium option that provides the ultimate in convenience and hands-off operation.

In terms of accessories, the combination of an aerial snow sensor and gutter mounted sensor would be the most effective in detecting snow. We also offer a selection of accessories to ensure your installation process goes as smoothly as it can.

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