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Warm Floors for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub and central core of activity and life in the home. From making and sharing meals to helping with homework, it’s the most-used room in many people’s homes. For that reason, it’s important for the kitchen to be comfortable and inviting.

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Floor Heating Systems for Your Kitchen

Many homeowners put a lot of time and effort into designing and remodeling their homes so that they can have the kitchen of their dreams, so it stands to reason that radiant heating solutions are becoming a more common fixture in kitchens.

It’s the high traffic, thoroughly used “operations center” where meals are planned and prepared; the place where the family gathers for entertaining and celebrating; it’s the “tutoring center;” an “art gallery” where school projects and photos are displayed; the “office” where appointments are made and meetings are held; and the “culinary arts school of hard knocks” where cooking and baking disasters and masterpieces are made.

And for all of these reasons, comfort is an absolute essential in your kitchen. That’s why so many people are choosing to use radiant heat floors in their kitchens—not only does it provide comfort, but it makes the room warmer and more inviting. Just think—no more making Saturday pancake breakfasts while standing barefoot on cold tile floor.

Why Install Floor Heating in the Kitchen?

Warm the Hub of the Home

The kitchen is the most highly trafficked room in the home, so why not ensure that it's warm and inviting?

Ban Cold Tile

Radiant floor heating will make family dinners inviting and comforting.

Increases Resale Value

Radiant floor heating is an "easy sell" in a down market.

Accessories for your Kitchen


A great thermostat is the secret to any great heating system. Not only is it how you control the temperature, it’s also how you customize your comfort. When you purchase an electric floor heating system from WarmlyYours, you can choose from a selection of different controls and thermostats that will meet your specific needs.

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Radiant Panels

Electric radiant panels are an excellent way to add supplemental heat to any room. This is particularly helpful if you want to experience the comfort and luxury of radiant heating without having to replace your floor in order to install a floor heating system.

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The Cost of a Heated Kitchen

Aside from the convenience they provide, heated kitchens can also be a smart investment in your home.

Is a Heated Kitchen a Good Investment?

Take a look at our blog post to learn more about the cost and installation of a heated kitchen.

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