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Environ™ Easy Mats

Add extra warmth and comfort to carpet*, laminate and floating wood flooring with a WarmlyYours Environ Easy Mats™ under floor radiant heating system. Easy Mats are perfect for heating large areas easily and quickly, with no need for cuts and turns. An Environ Easy Mat is a wafer-thin, non-adhesive mat that installs under your flooring — between the pad and carpet* or under laminate or floating wood flooring — to heat the floor and provide even, room-filling warmth. 

At 12 watts per sq. ft., Environ Easy Mat systems allow for gradual warming of delicate carpet* and floating wood floor coverings and are energy efficient. Additionally, there are seven programmable schedules that you can use to provide the optimal level of comfort exactly when you need it. With 5 and 10 year warranties available and a quick installation process, Easy Mats are the ideal solution for warming up any area in your home.

Among the other benefits of installing Easy Mats, they are energy efficient and can even save you money over the long term. Since the heat produced by radiant floor heating systems is consistent and even, you may find yourself using central heating systems far less frequently than you used to, or being able to lower the temperature on your thermostat. For every degree you can lower your thermostat, your heating bills can be reduced. Imagine being able to use your central heat less, all because you installed radiant heating under your floors! 

*In the U.S. only