Which Radiant Heating Underlayment Option is Right for You?

Selecting the perfect floor heating underlayment will depend on information that is unique to your project like the type of subfloor you're installing over and the flooring type you'll put over the heating system.

The Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane is an uncoupling membrane that can only be used with the TempZone Floor Heating Cable. The membrane provides long lasting uncoupling and crack isolation benefits for tile, marble, and stone floors. The benefit of uncoupling is that it allows for a small degree of foundational movement (which occurs when a house “settles”) without causing the tiles in the floor to crack, break or “pop.” The idea behind crack isolation is that it stops cracks (up to a certain size) in the subfloor from “telegraphing” upwards into the floor which can cause extensive damage. An additional benefit of the membrane is that it can greatly decrease installation time as it allows an installer to complete most residential installations in a single day.

Cork and CeraZorb® are both “insulating” underlayments. Cork is a natural material that is a little thicker than CeraZorb® and is often paired with our Environ floor heating systems. CeraZorb® is a synthetic underlayment that has a higher degree of thermal resistance (R-value of 1.5) than cork. CeraZorb® is also the recommended underlayment for heating on top of a concrete slab and is often paired with our TempZone floor heating products. Both insulating underlayments will also provide some degree of crack isolation benefits.

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