Tiny Houses with Radiant Heating

Tiny Homes can offer all the comfort of traditional homes in a travel-friendly package, including radiant heating. With little room for air ducts for forced air systems, electric radiant heating is an ideal solution for keeping any tiny home a warm and comfortable space year-round. Our low-profile products make it easy to add warmth to floors with our in-floor heating systems or to walls with our radiant heat panels.

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Heating Solutions for Tiny Homes

Electric In-Floor Heating

With it’s low-profile design and energy efficiency, in-floor heating is one of the most popular solutions for heating tiny houses. Compatible with almost any type of flooring imaginable for tiny homes: tile, hardwood floors, luxury vinyl and more. Available in rolls, cable and customized mats to help accommodate any project size or budget.

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Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant Heat Panels are a great ready-to-use solution that can easily accommodate small spaces. Available in multiple sizes, finishes and as plug-in or hardwired - they make heating up tiny homes as easy as it comes.

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Project Examples

Fritz Tiny Home Exterior

Fritz Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Builders based out of Canada that pair beautiful craftsmanship with functionality. Learn more about their story in their blog or about this project in our customer showcase for the Living Space and Bathroom.

Tiny Living Living Large

Tiny Living Large

Learn more about their tiny home adventure and the installation process for the Bathroom, Family Room and Loft.

Tiny Home with Cello Music Studio and floor heating exterior

Cello Studio

This tiny home was designed around music with a customized studio perfect for practicing and recording. Learn more about the story behind this unique project or how it was designed in our project showcase.

Tiny Reviews

I initially ordered the Environ™ Easy Mat 120V 3′ x 10′, in August 2018, for my micro-tiny home build. I knew I wanted that lovely radiant warmth in my floor. However, in May 2019, when it was finally time to lay the flooring, the 3' mat was too wide in some places. I contacted WarmlyYours to see if I they would accept a return and instead send me the Environ™ Flex Roll 120V 1.5′ x 18′. They authorized the return and sent me out the new product. The whole process was seamless and stress-free! I installed the Flex Roll under cork flooring and I can't express how pleased I am with the performance! No more cold, winter floors and the radiant heat actually warms the whole micro space! I also purchased the nHance Programmable Thermostat UDG-4999 and it is so easy to use. Excellent products; excellent customer service!

M.F. Spencer

WarmlyYours accommodated all my crazy ideas! The service has been amazing. Laurie has been exceptional and the design team was very patient.

Cheryl, Cello Studio