Repair/Splice Kit (Twin Conductor)

Repair/Splice Kit (Twin Conductor)



This splice kit is used to repair a damaged section of WarmlyYours TempZone twin-conductor floor heating cable. This can be used for twin-conductor TempZone Flex Rolls, TempZone Easy Mats, or TempZone 3.7-watt Floor Heating Cable. This kit includes: 1 flexible adhesive-lined heat shrink tube, 2 sealed crimp & solder connectors, and 1 uninsulated butt connector. Please note that this kit is not to be used for creating extensions, terminations, or for altering the length of the heating cable. 



Compatible Products Any TempZone twin-conductor heating elements

Product Dimensions

Length 3ā€³
Weight 0.125 lbs
Width 2.5ā€³


Package Contents 1 flexible adhesive-lined heat shrink tube, 2 sealed crimp & solder connectors, and 1 uninsulated butt connector


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308021283

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Customer Questions & Answers

What is the total power/amperage that the floor heating system draws and does this system need a dedicated circuit?

The amount of amperage draw depends upon how large the area is that you are heating. For coverage of areas less than 30 square feet, the system will draw less than 3 or 4 amps. If you have a larger area over 120 square feet of heated space, then you may need a larger breaker plus additional controls. No matter what the size of the area you choose to heat, we recommend a dedicated circuit for your system.

If I have extra cold lead wire, can I trim off what I don't need for my installation?

Yes. Unlike the heating cable, the cold lead wires can be trimmed or lengthened withĀ additional lead wireĀ which can be purchased from WarmlyYours.

Is WarmlyYours Safe and what About EMF?

Our floor heating systems have withstood rigorous safety testing and earned the UL listing. They produce much less EMF than common household appliances like your TV or vacuum cleaner. The EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tests all electrical devices and publishes the data. Many common household appliances are tested at a distance of 6 inches. The test results indicate that on average, the EMF emitted for the following appliances, measured in Milligauss (mG) units, is:

Vacuum Cleaner: 300 mG

Microwave: 200 mG

Portable Heater: 100 mG

Dishwasher: 20 mG

Washing Machine: 20 mG

WarmlyYours TempZoneā„¢ (Twin): 1.8 mG

How can I determine what I need for my floor heating project and how can I find out what my floor heating system will cost?

You can use theĀ Instant Quote Tool, which gives you many options for your floor heating coverage. Use this interactive tool to design your room online and receive an instant quotation with product recommendations, rough-in and installation kits, cost of your control, etc. Planning your floor heating project is made easy when using our Instant Quote Tool.

Send us your floor planĀ or fax it to (800) 408-1100 and we will send you a quote, product recommendation and a free custom installation plan for your project.