Third-Party Integration

To make the most of your electric floor-heating system, WarmlyYours provides you with a selection of controls and thermostats to meet your specific needs. In addition to WarmlyYours’ own controls, we are proud to offer integration kits to allow you to use third-party controls — a floor heating industry exclusive. These kits make it easy and convenient for you to integrate your WarmlyYours floor-heating system with smart climate control solutions — with either third-party thermostats or as part of your home automation system.

WarmlyYours’ integration kits enable energy-efficient operation of your floor-heating system with a third-party thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, or via Wi-Fi connection as part of a complete home automation system. Integrating your WarmlyYours floor-heating system has never been easier.

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Simply identify whether your floor-heating system is 120 volts or 240 volts and purchase an integration kit accordingly.

Depending on the brand and configuration of the control, additional sensors are available to monitor and regulate ambient or floor temperature. Our simple-to-use side-by-side comparison of controls will show you which ones have the ability to control ambient temperature and which ones can regulate floor temperature. Controls that can regulate floor temperature should utilize WarmlyYours’ Integration Kits+, which include a floor sensor.

Third-Party Solutions