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Become a WarmlyYours Stocking Kit Dealer Increase your sales reach by joining our Stocking Kit Dealer Program

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Sales Timing

Reach your customers when they are ready to buy. Floor warming is frequently an afterthought purchase. Customers often wish they knew about it before they completed their flooring project. Position the kit display in a highly visible area of your showroom, and customers will discover it at the right time.

Available for Immediate Purchase

With kits ready to sell in the show room, electric floor heating is available anytime. Customers who would rather not wait for shipping can buy the kit today, have a floor plan designed overnight, and install their radiant heat tomorrow.

Competitive Pricing Advantage

Each kit contains the TempZone™ Twin Roll (in the desired size), a nSpire Touch Programmable Thermostat, and a Circuit Check to facilitate the successful installation of the WarmlyYours radiant heating system. By purchasing the components in the complete kit, you save up to 20% off of purchasing the items individually.

Flexibility and Convenience

WarmlyYours allows you to exchange kits for different sizes as needed to ensure you stock only the ones your customers need. With our 6-month buyback warranty, you can return any kit* within 6 months of your original purchase date for an exchange or full refund.

*To be eligible for return, kits must be complete (including thermostat, floor heating roll and Circuit Check) and in resalable condition. WarmlyYours is not responsible for shipping freight. Kits must be returned at your own expense.
Stocking Kit Dealer graph

Easy Add-On Increases Sales

Increase the size of every sale when customers add radiant heating to their floor covering purchases. Having the kits on display in your showroom creates customer interest and reminds sales staff to ask for the extra sale.

What’s Included?

All kits include a 120V TempZone™ Twin Flex Roll, a nSpire Touch Programmable Thermostat and a Circuit Check, along with all warranty and installation information. Plus, your customers can get a free, next business day, custom-designed floor plan, to tailor the kits to the unique layout of their bathroom.

Variety of Sizes Available

The perfect size for any bathroom! WarmlyYours Kits are designed for the most common bathroom sizes, from 9 to 50 sq. ft. Choose from five different sizes to meet the needs of every customer. There’s an option for bathrooms of any size or shape and any type of flooring. Plus, your customers can get a free, next business day, custom-designed floor plan, to tailor the kits to the unique layout of their bathroom.

Choose from 5 different sizes:

Extra-small Kit 1.5 ft. x 6 ft. 9 sq. ft.
Mini Mat Kit 3 ft. x 5 ft. 15 sq. ft.
Medium Kit 1.5 ft. x 12 ft. 18 sq. ft.
Large Kit 1.5 ft. x 21 ft. 32 sq. ft.
Extra-large Kit 1.5 ft. x 33 ft. 50 sq. ft.

WarmlyYours Floor Heating Kits Stocking Kit Dealer Program

Join the program today and take advantage of the following Stocking Kit Dealer benefits:

How can you become part of the WarmlyYours Special Dealer Program?

It’s easy. Just call your WarmlyYours account manager at (800) 875-5285, or email sales@warmlyyours.com, and start enjoying all the benefits of the WarmlyYours Stocking Kit Dealer program today.