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March 2014

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Housing and Remodeling Industries To See Steady Growth in 2014

The U.S. housing market is expected to make steady gains into 2014 after seeing prices increase by 13.6 percent in 2013. The spike in prices is the highest Americans have seen since 2006, when home costs were at their peak, leaving many wondering where the market is heading now. Read More »

4 Free Ways to Gather Customer Feedback on New Products

While adding new products is vital to staying relevant and meeting the needs of your customers, it can also be a risky step for businesses. The good news is that when you use your current customers’ feedback to drive new product selection from the beginning, you’ll help guarantee new product additions are successful for your business. Read More »

4 Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling projects are a complicated undertaking. Careful planning can make the difference between creating your dream home or a construction nightmare. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can avoid costly problems throughout the project and down the road. Read More »

Feature Stories

The Cure for the Uncommon Cold: WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Introduces TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin)

Sick and tired of the cold? With much of the country suffering through unusually low temperatures and record-breaking snowfall this winter, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating has discovered the perfect remedy. Warmly Yours’ new TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) brings radiant warmth and comfort to tile, stone, hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate flooring. This free-form cable provides the same energy-efficient, high-quality radiant heat our customers enjoy with our other TempZone™ products. Read More »

Radiate Compassion: Team Effort Makes Heated Wheelchair Ramp a Reality

What started as an article by Rob Robillard about a WarmlyYours Radiant Heating snow melting system on his website, became a much-needed, perfectly timed, multi-company, pro bono project for Robb Butts, a 50-year-old quadriplegic living with his father in Hudson, Mass. A Concord Carpenter, Rob Robillard, installs a WarmlyYours snow melting system in a wheelchair ramp for Massachusetts homeowner Rob Butts.The timing couldn’t be more perfect with this winter’s record-breaking snowfall. Unlike winters past, however, this year the snow did not confine Rob Butts to his home thanks to the efforts of Robillard, WarmlyYours, and several generous companies that donated time and materials. Read More »

Radiant Pro Selling: Nurture and Develop Your Employees
Part 1: Feed Your Employees

Today’s businesses must pay careful attention to employees, as their success depends on committed, highly motivated, satisfied and innovative employees. With careful planning, a responsive attitude, and strategic benefits, businesses can create warm, nurturing environments that deliver satisfied, happy, productive employees. In this special three-part blog series, we’re looking at three key areas a business can focus on to nurture and develop quality employees. Read More »

Industry Insights: WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Releases Inaugural Report on State of the Electric Radiant Heating Market

WarmlyYours Radiant Heating, a pioneer in the electric radiant heating market, announces its first annual report on the industry. The “2013 Annual Report and Industry Outlook: State of the Electric Radiant Heating Market” is the first in a new quarterly series of reports to share information on the performance of the company and the industry as a whole. Read More »