Adding a Towel Warmer to Your Bathroom

Enhance Your Bath with a Heated Towel Warmer

Looking to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom? A heated towel warmer can be exactly what you need. These radiant heated towel rack use electric heating to transform your bathroom into a relaxing, contemporary and lavish space. Using a timer, you can make sure your towels are warm and soft every time you need them. While towel warming feels opulent, they can fit budgets of all kinds. WarmlyYours heated rail systems can also be customized to your specific bathroom with high-quality metal finishes like polished chrome or stainless steel. Get in touch with WarmlyYours and learn how your bathroom can be transformed from feeling everyday and routine to becoming something you look forward to every day with the simple addition of a heated towel warmer.

When remodeling your bathroom and you’re looking to incorporate new ideas or fixtures, stop and take a moment and imagine stepping out of a fresh shower or warm bath to a luxurious, freshly warmed towel waiting for you. Imagine adding a more modern, upscale, spa-like feel to your bathroom with a towel warmer.

Towel warmers are designed with special racks that are heated with electrical power, keeping your towels and clothes consistently heated. In several different models, our affordable Warmly Yours electric towel warmer collection provides a sleek, yet functional design that can add an elegant touch to a variety of home décor styles. Skillfully crafted with superior quality metal finishes, such as brushed or polished stainless steel or perhaps polished chrome, WarmlyYours electric towel warmers are professionally designed to fit wall spaces or budgets of different sizes.

A key addition to any bathroom, operating at a fraction of the cost of most liquid filled models, the WarmlyYours electric towel warmers are easy to assemble and install. Our towel warmers plug into a standard 120 volt outlet or hardwire into a 120 volt circuit, depending on the model of your choice. Each hardwire model includes a control timer, allowing you to experience the comfort of a warm towel anytime you please.

At WarmlyYours, we are proud to offer a radiant heating solution for every area of life. Why not consider adding the affordable luxury of treating yourself to the comfort of warm towels?

If you’d like additional information regarding our towel warmers, feel free to give us a call at 800-875-5285 or visit www.warmlyyours.com