TempZone™ Flex Roll Installation Guide Part 2 - Installing Your Floor Warming Roll


Now that you are ready to install your TempZone™ radiant floor heating, you'll need to place heating wiring. As you install your wire, you'll want to provide extra care and consideration, and following specific instructions can ensure you measured and placed it correctly. Watch as an expert explains the proper wire cutting techniques, including the free-form cut, to make sure you install it into your TempZone™ floor for electric heating properly. Video #2 in the Flex Roll Installation Guide series allows you to see an expert properly handle the wiring. As always, if at any time during your radiant floor heating installation you have questions about the process, consult the WarmlyYours electric floor heating products manual for additional assistance.

Video Transcript

A variance of 15% is acceptable in an ohms reading. If you find a variance greater than that, please call our 24 hour installation hotline. After establishing your ohms reading, it's now time to start installing the heating wire.

Never cut the heating wire. A proper cut and turn will cut loose the supporting mesh. This enables the rest of the roll to be maneuvered into position and unrolled into the next heating panel. The most common cut is a u-turn which changes direction of the roll by 180 degrees.

A flip-over will turn the roll at a 90 degree angle. Now the nature of a flip-over will result in the heating wires facing up. While this will not affect the heat from the wire, additional caution is recommended when troweling over this area.

A free-form cut gives the roll great flexibility. A section of the mesh is removed exposing the wire which is then used to shape into smaller unusual areas. It is recommended to hold these areas in place with small pieces of tape, hot glue, or specially designed wire clips.

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