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Can We Say Pulitzer Prize Writer?

Comfort in Your SunroomRecently our technical supervisor, Scott Rosenbaum, was published in PM Engineer magazine. We are really excited about the spread and we’re sure that this is just the first of many articles to come! We’re so very proud of our tech guy. He knows his stuff when it comes to floor heating installations and he’s not a half bad writer! As part of the 24/7 tech team, he has received several troubleshooting calls. He’s answered tons of questions that folks (many of whom were not even our customers!) have asked about their electric floor heating systems and he noticed a real trend developing. Certain things kept popping up over and over. So many of the floor heating installation issues he deals with could have easily been avoided if people just followed a few simple tips. So, he wrote this great little blog that turned into a full fledged published article, all to try and get the message out. Read his original blog and save yourself some heartache.

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