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Comfort and Energy Efficiency Motivates Homeowners

During the past couple of weeks the U.S. has witnessed a political gridlock over how to deal with the country’s deficit and spending in order to maintain the triple A credit rating. And for all intents and purposes, it seemed as if partisan politics trumped reasonable resolution. Chances are, no matter what you listened to on the radio, watched on television, or read in the newspapers and blogs, it’s been bombarded with talk of “raising the debt ceiling,” reducing government spending, and the country’s credit rating downgrade. Amid the credit downgrade came the, as some would call it, inevitable stock market dive. And, you began to think about how this situation would hit home?

For the trade professional, your thoughts may have gone to the fact that business was already difficult in a recovering economy, let alone this recent stock market drop. Maybe you’re asking, what does this downgrade tangibly mean to my company, my work, and my clients?

Well, we’re here to bring some light to this dim situation! Though it’s true that requests for remodeling and adding home additions are down by 22% nationally, a new study from ServiceMagic’s Home Remodeling & Repair Index says that “homeowners are still looking to invest in home improvement projects that increase their home energy efficiency and contribute to better overall living quality”. It makes sense; people are looking for comfort where they live now, because selling their home has become a lost option to them.

Homeowners are looking for energy efficiency in order to reduce their own spending – and in this case, they’re willing to pay for efficiency that will save in the long run. “As energy costs continue to rise and new financing and incentive programs become available throughout the country, homeowners are highly motivated to do what they can to save money on energy bills” - (from www.daily5remodel.com).

In addition to saving money with energy efficiency, the quality of living or home comfort is one of the biggest motivations for initiating and completing a recent home project. The study shows that 82% of homeowners are motivated to “increase [the] living quality of [their] home.”

With this new information and insight, you, the trade professional, truly have an advantage. Because homeowners want comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental safety, offering WarmlyYours products to your customer base gives you the competitive edge.

All WarmlyYours comfort products from radiant floor heating, heated glass panels, snow melting systems, towel warmers, and mirror defoggers meet the criteria that homeowners have for beginning and completing a home improvement project, (increased home comfort and quality of living, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility).

We’ve got the complete collection for your competitive advantage. We’d love to help you grow your business* and increase your own cash flow. The ServiceMagic study gives insight into the motivations of homeowners (your clients), and we’d like to be a part of what makes your business progress and even thrive in this economy.

* WarmlyYours Radiant Rewards Program is only available in the United States.

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