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Design Couple Makes Personality A Priority In Home Decorating

Design Couple Makes Personality a Priority in Home Decorating

Choose a focal point, personalize your home design and include every member of the family when you decorate your home. This is some of the advice that the team of Robert and Cortney Novogratz has for fans of the TV show, Home by Novogratz on HGTV, their decorating books and the furnishing lines they've designed.

If anyone should know that people don't always agree on how to decorate a room, it's the Novogratzs. She likes Southern charm, he goes for downtown cool. But they agree on the basics when it comes to the advice they give to would-be decorators.

One of those basics is combining function with decoration. While homeowners may have differing tastes in whether to go with hardwood floors, high-quality laminates or ceramic tiling, they should agree on a related issue that can greatly affect the comfort level of their homes. Radiant floor heating can be installed under any building material and deliver a uniform, dependable warmth to a space. It operates easily by an electric switch and requires no duct system to maintain warm floors.

Eye-catching Elements
For a start, the couple is big on choosing a focal point. They believe that photographs - and they have plenty of their seven children - add personality in decorating.

Making a room unique means bringing in personal items to define who lives in the space, and no item defines that quality better than photographs of loved ones, places visited and the work of a photographer that a homeowner admires.

Cortney tells her clients to start with an eye-catching piece they love and work their room design around it. It can be an antique dresser, modern neon-colored chairs or an interesting mix of fabrics in a window treatment.

"I always say, 'If you're going to put something on your wall, tell a story,'" she told The Washington Post.

Rooms with Character
Drawing upon the special interests of everyone in the family is a good way to arrive at a look that has personality. Those interests should be reflected in the choices made of wall colors, wallpaper patterns and accessories taken from a personal collection or hobby.

Gathering decorative items from various sources also gives a room character. Robert Novogratz told the newspaper that people often buy everything from one place and their homes end up looking like a furniture showroom. By buying home furnishings in different places, homeowners can find the best of what's trending.

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