A new study featured in "Kitchen and Bath Business" magazine recently revealed that when purchasing a house, the kitchen is a major factor in the final decision.

According to this study, model home shoppers have limited time to spend within each home, so they tend to focus on the kitchen and master bedroom. These have become the two most important rooms that impact their decision. In fact, the study results have shown that shoppers spend less than one and a half minutes reviewing a model home kitchen, meaning sellers have little time to capture their attention. According to "Kitchen and Bath Business" magazine, "the kitchen becomes the make or break sale feature".

Consequently, products and features that add discernable and lasting levels of luxury to the kitchen are in greater demand than ever before. Electric floor heating is prominent among these value added features as it offers an affordable means to upgrade the kitchen or the "heart of the home". With the extra warmth and comfort of radiant heat, the kitchen becomes an inviting space for family and guests to gather. And your radiant heated floor will have significant appeal for prospective home buyers who will be attracted to its functional luxury.

Victoria Hale
Marketing Communications