Linda Hoyt and her cat SprinklesAt WarmlyYours we know that your household is often more than just the people in it. Get to know us by getting to know our pets.

Meet Linda Hoyt, accounting clerk, and Sprinkles, a part Egyptian Mau, part Maine Coon.

How did you meet? How long have you known each other?

I saw her at the pet store and she came right up to me. That’s how they say you’re supposed to get your animals—they pick you.

I filled out the adoption papers and I was so thrilled when they called me. It was my anniversary when I got her, so I put her on my husband’s lap and said “Happy anniversary! But she’s mine!”

We called her my little snow leopard, because that’s what she looks like, a snow leopard.

Do you have any "pet peeves" when it comes to each other?

Linda: She doesn’t like to be picked up and held. She’ll come to you when she wants to be warm and cuddly. She’ll push on you with her head like a bulldozer to let you know she wants to get under the covers and snuggle.

Sprinkles: If she wants to eat, she can get very vocal, very noisy, which can get a little annoying. Or she’ll wake you up at 3 in the morning and want to play.

Sprinkles in a box!

Favorite room of the house and why?

Linda: My craft room. I have the TV and my reading materials in there. I paint ceramics and I sew.

Sprinkles: We have cat trees in front of the living room windows that go up about 8 feet. She likes it up there.

Favorite memory together?

When I brought her home she was sick so she stayed on my lap for a whole week. I felt her head and she was hot. She had a fever. I took her to the vet and they gave her a shot. She’s been fine ever since, but I remember how happy I was when she got better.

Interesting info:

- Sprinkles can play fetch with hairbands. Linda said that one day Sprinkles somehow pulled a rubber ring off of the pet bowl and was running around with it. “Anything in a ring shape is hers,” Linda said.

- Linda has 4 cats

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Can you ever have too much Sprinkles?