Valentine's Day Sale On Floor HeatingValentine’s Day is quickly approaching - are you prepared to woo your loved one? Did you know that research published in the journal of Science* links physical warmth with emotional warmth? The recent study revealed a very real connection between these two attributes: "Physical warmth can make us see others as warmer people but can also cause us to be warmer – more generous and trusting – as well," said Bargh, a Yale University psychologist and co-author of the study.

If you haven’t already found the perfect gesture or gift to express your love, it’s time to think warmth, relaxation, and pampering! Our everyday lives are so busy and hectic, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find the rest and relaxation you crave right in your home’s master bathroom?

Check out WarmlyYours Valentine promotion at: -- promotion now closed -- . Take advantage of this promotion and you can purchase a floor heating system and get a towel warmer FREE. No need for an expensive Valentine Spa Day when you can create your very own spa experience right at home.

And, don’t forget him. After all, who wants to shovel snow after a long day at the office? Check out the HeatTrak™ entryway mat? It melts the snow without any more work than simply plugging the mat in. Less time spent outside in the cold shoveling snow means more time in your arms!

Imagine coming home from work on a cold, snowy evening to find the walkway already cleared and the tub filled with bubbles in your new at-home spa … with your love waiting for you.

Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

* Click here to read the full article from the Los Angeles Times.