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Troubleshooting Beforehand Insures a Trouble-Free Installation

From the Desk of our Tech Expert, Scott Rosenbaum:

The best troubleshooting tip of all is to make sure you test the roll before it’s installed.

Scott Rosenbaum, Technical Support Manager- ALWAYS test your roll with an Ohms meter* once you have unpacked it from the shipping box.

- After the floor heating roll(s) is cut and laid out on the floor, you MUST test the roll again.

It really is that simple. These 2 easy steps can save time, money, and a lot of heartache in the long run. It just doesn't make any sense to install a defective roll. And, the only way to know if the roll is defective is to test it! If the roll is defective, give us a call and we will ship a replacement to you overnight. If you have any questions at all, we are available by phone to help you, 24/7!

If the roll passes these two tests, you are ready to encase the roll(s) in thinset or self leveling cement. Whichever you use, it should be latex modified.

A correct radiant heat installation
- Before troweling on the thinset, install the Circuit Check* device to each roll you’re installing. This device will “sound off” very loudly if the roll gets damaged during installation.

- After the floor is installed, test the roll again with an Ohms meter.

These simple steps should make the installation problem-free. It is so surprising how many problems we see in Tech Support that could have been easily avoided by reading the installation manual and following these simple steps!

* The Circuit Check IS NOT a substitute for an Ohms meter! A digital Ohms meter can be purchased at any hardware store for around $15.

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