Hello All,

At WarmlyYours we are always looking for ways to improve communication with our customers and this concept is no less true than when it comes to our online endeavors. Recently we added an important new feature to our website’s product pages, the ability to rate and review each product in our online catalog.

Product Reviews Example

With the launch of this new review system, and the corresponding feedback that our representatives can add to the comments, we hope to open a new channel of 2-way communication with you, our online users and customers.

Customer feedback, whether good or bad, is something that we value very highly as a means to gauge the satisfaction of those of you who have purchased our products and used our services in the past. Each review is read with suggestions made being discussed and often acted upon by our staff. If you have a review that you wish to submit, you can do so at any time by navigating to one of our product pages, bringing up the reviews tab and clicking the ‘write your own review’ button.

We have chosen to use the classic 5 star rating system (5 stars = excellent) as we feel that this is the most familiar and widely implemented system across the internet.

5 star rating example

We are also hopeful that reading the reviews and ratings from others will help our potential customers with their online shopping experience. Quick access to the average ratings of each product, along with the total number of customer reviews that it has garnered, is available beneath that product’s headline on it’s page.

There will be plenty more new and exciting changes being rolled out on WarmlyYours.com over the coming months and I hope to keep you all updated on them as they occur. I’ll close by reminding you that WarmlyYours is always active and available on popular social sites such as facebook(link) and twitter(link), questions and feedback are welcomed.

What do you think about our new product review system? Is it helpful? What would you like to see added to WarmlyYours.com next? Feel free to leave your ideas and comments below and I’ll do my best to respond.

Gareth Jones
Web Developer, WarmlyYours